Friday, November 26, 2010

Diliman Video of the Week: 1/2 Crosswise (an amateur short film)

1/2 Crosswise is a story of a passionate writer who tries to make stories but has never finished one. She kept on having inspirations for writing, and in fact, she traveled on different places to find inspirations 'til she found out that her life would soon be turned back to the ALMIGHTY (that's the conflict). At the end, she died with this last story on the making unfinished. She therefore realized that no stories are finished. Never a story has an ending for stories are timeless. It continually grows and creates more stories. Again, it will never end even if it becomes long. Time will make the most of it. The main character left the world while her stories live on vastness.

*Note: this film is so indie. Sequences are in random arrangements. Original resolution is not obtained here.

This is the result of the cooperative effort of the members of Sulok Productions (BatStateU-Lipa)

Scriptwriter/ editor: Patrick John O. Mea
Contributing writer/ consultant: Bibeth Zaraga

Artists: Bibeth Zaraga Christian Paula Ramos

Production team: Mary Grace Sibayan Kris Antonette Mendoza Jinglyn Rodriguez

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