Monday, November 15, 2010

Update on COA's 2009 Consolidated Audited Annual Report on the Philippine State College of Aeronautics

The Commission on Audit's (COA) 2009 Consolidated Audited Annual Report (CAAR) said that the Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PhilSCA) had 423 personnel from Villamor Air Base and other campuses consisting of permanent – 148; part-timers – 197; temporary – 9 and support staff – 69. Out of the 423 workforce, 287 belong to the academe and 136 are administrative support staff.

The Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PhilSCA) was established in 1967 as a community college, the Basa Air Base Community College, in Floridablanca, Pampanga. The College was operated under AFP Regulations s. 168-342 issued by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and approved by the Department of National Defense on April 1, 1968 to cater to the educational needs of the military personnel, civilian employees and their dependents. In 1977, then President Ferdinand Marcos signed P.D. 1078 converting Basa Air Base Community College into a full-pledged College and was renamed Philippine Air Force College of Aeronautics (PAFCA). On June 3, 1992, R.A. 7605 was approved by then President Corazon C. Aquino, converting PAFCA into a state college, the Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PhilSCA). There are four campuses located in Mactan, Cebu, Floridablanca, Pampanga, Lipa City and the main campus in Villamor Air Base (VAB), Pasay City.

The College aims to provide professional and advance technical and technological instructions and trainings in the fields of aeronautical sciences and in the general area of science and technology for the Philippine Air Force and the airline industries. It also aims to promote research, advance studies and progressive leadership in its field of specialization.

But the 2009 CAAR also found the following irregularities in its 2009 CAAR:

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