Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birdphotoph.proboards.com: The Friendly Ferruginous Flycatcher of U.P. Diliman

"I was encouraged to take pictures of this bird by Gabs and I am glad that I did. Its the most friendly bird that I have ever encountered. It was also fun to watch him go after the insects and than back to his perch. Gabs even joined me early in the morning. I started with my favorite 800mm. Soon Mel, Mark, & Adri of WBCP joined us. I guess when there is company it turns into a human conversation affair. The bird did not mind us and went about his business of catching his food. I did not put any insect repellent and surprisingly I got bitten only twice by some mosquitos. This flycatcher was really very efficient in catching the insects flying around the place. He ate so much that he was pooping every now and than. Soon everyone left and it was only me and the friendly bird. He moved from the high perch to the low perch and vice versa from time to time. I waited for him to go to the low perch where I could good get a better angle. It was also amazing to see him perch so close to the thorns without getting stab. After feeling contented with what I got, I started packing my gear to head for home and here he comes again to the low perch. Since I was the only one there I approached him with caution to 3.9 meters. I decided to get my 300mm and this was when I was able to get a photo of the bird with a small bee on its beak. That really made my day."

To read the rest and to see pictures of the Friendly Ferruginous Flycatcher of U.P. Diliman, click here: Birdphotoph.proboards.com: The Friendly Ferruginous Flycatcher of U.P. Diliman

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