Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tanghalang Ateneo stages "Confessiones"

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"Tanghalang Ateneo waxes philosophical this November with a daring stage version of St. Augustine’s heart-rending autobiography, "Confessiones", translated from the Latin by Roque Ferriols, S.J., and directed by one of his students, Ronan Capinding."

"National Artist for Theater, Salvador Bernal, designs both set and costumes. Lighting will be by Sueyen Astero. Rhem David will be designing sound and music."

"Featuring eighteen actors, this devised play depicts Augustine’s profound and poignant conversion from sinner to saint. Selected passages from Augustine’s text will highlight this transformation, among them his pronouncements about man’s faith, need, and adoration toward God: man’s lost and confused condition in sin and searching (Dispersio), his heart restless until it rests in God (Conversio). Actors deliver the lines alone or in an ensemble and act as characters in vignettes that render Augustine’s insights accessible to contemporary young audiences. The production makes excellent learning material for students and professionals in theology, philosophy, and literature."
Read the rest here: Tanghalang Ateneo stages "Confessiones"

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