Friday, November 12, 2010

Dr. Romulo A. Virola, Secretary General, NSCB: What Makes Women Happy?

“One finding from our studies that corroborates what we probably already know, is that the family is definitely a very (if not the most) important source of happiness among us Pinoys. It is therefore important that we preserve the family as the social unit that can bind us together.”

“While we recognize the criticisms against the use of indexes to describe social phenomena, the PHI can be used to help serve this purpose. In addition to the seminars that couples are required to undertake before they can get married, they can fill up our PHI questionnaire so they can understand each other better. They should seriously discuss their answers because if couples know and understand the sources of happiness of their partners, won’t it be easier for them to live with and adjust to each other? But if they find irreconcilable sources of incompatibility that early, they better not take the plunge. Easier said than done? We say nothing wrong with trying! Come to think of it, even married couples can fill up our questionnaires during their wedding anniversaries! If their sources and levels of happiness are converging, wow! No more need to discuss divorce laws! But the first time diverging sources and levels of happiness between two partners show up, a quick trip to marriage counselors is probably called for.”

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