Monday, November 28, 2011

UP Website Stuck In The 90s?

A recent tweet about the UP website says that the said website is stuck in the 90s. Considering the many graphic artists and computer science experts that the university can tap, it seems that the official website for the university did not go through any changes in the past few years. Sad as it may be, this is something that the university may not be paying much attention to aside of course when they have to post articles for their readers, or disseminate information to UP students and the faculty.

A former UP student said that the website is not really that important when it comes to marketing the Philippines’ premiere university within the country but that the website may need to be improved for the benefit of those who do not know what UP is all about. He further said that the website’s mediocrity in terms of its design is affecting its popularity in the online community.

Although UP has a lot of problems to face, its website may need to go through a major makeover to make it more appealing to students in the university.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Doctor Love: Love Is A Battlefield

by Sigrid Salucop

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A few months ago in Quezon City, a boy and a girl met for coffee to discuss a project. He was 31 and she 26. After their first chat, Mr. Costello, an Italian-Canadian businessman decided that they shouldn’t work together but go out for dinner instead. The date was perfect. They went to an art gallery, had dinner at Bellini’s and watched a movie.

She fell in love and so did he, or so he claimed. A few months and a lot of dates later, Mr. Costello had to leave the country for good. Painful as it was, the girl tried not to cry even if she knew that he was the one. With the girl leaving their usual rendezvous place in tears, I received a few emails from another girl who unlike Mr. Costello’s girlfriend or pseudo-girlfriend have not yet figured out how to determine if her boyfriend is the one. Whether Mr. Costello’s pseudo-girlfriend would get over the fact that she wasn’t the one for Mr. Costello or not, the question still remains, how does one know if the guy you are dating is the one?

A few discussions with girlfriends and male friends later, I got an interesting insight from the most unlikely source –a psychologist, a male one at that, by the name of Robert Sternberg. The idea was suggested by a male friend, leaving me to wonder whether men think about these things too. That question however will be discussed some other time when the need calls for it and once a survey is done.

Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love proved to be quite an eye-opener. The psychologist says that interpersonal relationships have three components –intimacy, passion, and commitment. I would like to explain this in detail but for fear that I might infuse my deluded view about love, I figured that it would be better for the readers to just take a look at the Forms of Love based on Mr. Sternberg’s theory.

Photos via wikipedia

In another part of the country, another girl was writing an email regarding her boyfriend not spending enough time with her. A workaholic, he rarely finds time to see her making her feel unwanted. This leads me to think that he either just loves his work or does not love his girlfriend enough. Women must remember though that men are not mind readers and not telling them about the things that worry you means they will never know you actually have issues that need to be discussed. Keyword –communication.

While listening to Pat Benatar crooning Love Is A Battlefield, another girl has realized that the alarm to her biological clock has already gone off and she can’t put it on snooze anymore. Like many women, she would like to get married and have kids one day. The only problem is, her boyfriend dodges the marriage question and have done so for so many years. This has happened to a lot of women I know and the only solution is to ask him if he has plans to get married. If his answers are vague don’t start playing Smoke On The Water just yet because your relationship is not about to be burned to the ground, at least not yet. There is a way ladies, the first one is to give him an ultimatum. Stand your ground on this one because if you don’t, you will end up losing and wasting time. I believe too that if he loves you, he will marry you.  

There is however another option –common law marriage. Common law marriage i.e. a live-in relationship is included in the Family Code of the Philippines. This however is not something that women would want especially because there are legal ramifications once a couple under a common law marriage decides to have children among other legal complications about other things.  If you would like to be married i.e. with complete documents, tell your boyfriend about it. If he does not give you the answer you are hoping for, it may be time to start dating other people.

While most women wonder about what their boyfriends think about certain things, some are in the verge of joining the other team. Both attracted to males and females, Andrea asked me if what she was feeling was normal. The first response to the question of normalcy is me asking what is normal. Andrea however may just be bi-curious. As Katy Perry said in one of her songs, I kissed a girl and I liked it so the solution to Andrea’s problem is to try both out and see which fits better.

Questions? Comments? Reactions? 
You may email Doctor Love at

Friday, November 25, 2011

UP Pep Squad Flies To Hong Kong For The 6th Cheerleading World Championships

The UP Pep Squad will join the 6th Cheerleading World Championships in Hong Kong tomorrow and on the 27th. Evan Alvia, president of Cheerleading Philippines Federation mentioned in an interview that this is the first time for the country to participate in such an event.

The Philippine contingent composed of a total of 55 members also includes members from different universities. Centro Escolar University and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines will be joining the University of the Philippines Diliman’s Pep Squad.

The overall captain for the Philippine team told reporters last week that the UP Pep Squad is under a lot of pressure but members of the team are honored to be participating in the international cheerleading competition. 

Diliman Diary blog 11.25.2011

I take this occasion to remember George Orwell's seminal work, "Animal Farm," which is an allegory set in the form of a novel about animals who formed their own government and who attacked and criticized and villified their former masters (the humans). The tragedy implied in this work is that in the end it was the animals themselves - the former slaves - who themselves became tyrannical, undemocratic and unjust.

Though this novel was published in 1945, it remains relevant all over the world, up to this day.

Ulat ni Staff Regent Jossel Ibit Ebesate sa katatapos na pulong ng U.P. Board of Regents (Nov. 24, 2011)

Update sa BOR Meeting ngayon (Nov 24, 2011)

Una sa agenda ang tatlong kaso (dalawang Dean kasama ang iba pa, at ang kaso ng dating Chapter President ng unyon sa UP Los Banos). Sa pangunguna ni Regent (dating Chief Justice) Puno, unang tinalakay ang sa dalawang Dean. Nag-usap-usap muna sa kapangyarihan ng BOR kung saan unang pinag-usapan ang isyu ng kapangyarihan ng BOR sa pagbago ng prescribed penalties sa mga administratibong kaso ng UP employees at nagkasundo na mayroon nga itong kapangyarihan.

Sumunod ay ang isyu sa tanong na kung ang kaparusahan ba ng isang faculty bilang Dean ay may kaukulang epekto din sa nasabing individual bilang faculty? Kahit ang sagot dito ni Regent Puno ay hindi malinaw, at wala rin halos maiambag ang UP VP for Legal. Sa isyu naman ng paghingi ng pag-inhibit sa partisipasyon kay Pres. Pascual, walang matibay na precedent at jurisprudence na mai-cite ang ating VP for Legal kaya nagkasundo na lang ang BOR na magreset sa isang espesyal na meeting sa Jan 18, 2012 sa diskusyon sa mga kaso upang mabigyan ng kaukulang panahon ang VP for Legal na mag-aral at makapagbigay ng depinidong mga sagot sa mga isyu bago magbotohan sa kung pagbibigyan ba o hindi ang mga apela sa desisyon ng Presidente, at kung tatanggapin o ibaba ang mga parusa.

Tungkol sa 10 days na Service Recognition Pay, ito ay pinag-usapan pagkatapos na imungkahi ko sa aking Sectoral Regents Report na i-adopt ng BOR and report ni VP for Administration Maragtas Amante (ayon na rin sa aking kahilingan na isama ito sa agenda) Nangako si Pres Pascual na ang initial na pagpapatupad ngayong taon (2011) ay bigyan na ng kaukulang kasagutan sa regular na meeting ng BOR sa Enero 2012, sa kadahilanang hindi pa nakapag-commit ang mga Chancellors ng iba't-ibang campus. Pinahayag natin na naiinip na ang ating mga kasmang kawani, lalo na ang mga retirees dahil sa sobrang tagal na ng paghihintay sa inisyal nitong implementasyon, simula ng bigyan ito ng "approval in principle" ng BOR noong Abril 2011. Ito ay sinang-ayunan rin ni Regent Puno, kaya tumulong rin siya sa pagtatanong kung ano ba talaga ang kakayanan ng UP na ipatupad ito sa taong 2011. Nagmungkahi pa siya na kung kaya na ngayon, ipatupad na ito kaagad, at hanapan na lang ng kaukulang pamamaraan ang pondo para sa susunod na mga taon.

Tinalakay din ang ating mungkahi para sa Comprehensive Health Benefit Program. Nagcommit naman si Pres Pascual at si VP Amante na sa mga programang hindi naman kailangan ang malaking pondo tulad ng Health Risk Assessment at Health Promotion/Disease Prevention ay kaagad nang ipatupad samantalang patuloy na mag-aaral ang unibersidad tungkol sa pagkaloob sa lahat na mga kawani (kasama ng mga faculty ng HMO-type na health benefit.

Inaprobahan din ang kahilingan ng ating unyon sa pagbibigay ng P1,000 Christmas Grocery Allowance bago magpasko ayon sa CNA.

Ang desisyon sa Revised Land Use Plan ng UP Diliman ay ipinagpaliban sa susunod na meeting at hiniling munang ito ay komprehensibong ipresenta (Anong mga pagbabago? Mga batayan? Etc?) sa BOR.

May report din ang Student at Faculty Regent, at marami pang mga pinag-usapan tulad ng mga kontrata, appointments, at iba pa.

Nag-adjourn ang meeting ng lagpas na akla-1:00 ng hapon, at saka nagtanghalian ang mga miyembro ng BOR at ng Executive Staff ng Presidente.
(Source: U.P. Kilos Na) 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anti-GMA forces pushed Aquino to file more charges

Various groups and personalities formed the Gloria Panagutin Movement (Gloria Panagutin, Wag Patakasin) as they anticipate more maneuvers by the Arroyo camp to escape accountability.

Sr. Mary John Mananzan, Pagbabago! Co-Chairperson and Co-Chair of the Association of Major Religious Superiors, veteran actress and writer Bibeth Orteza, whistleblower Engr. Jun Lozada, Atty. Edre Olalia of the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL), Bayan Chair Dr. Carol P. Araullo, Mrs. Edith Burgos and Pagbabago! Convenor Fr. Joe Dizon came together and resolved to make the necessary actions to thwart the Arroyo camp’s maneuvers and push the Aquino administration to file more cases against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The Gloria Panagutin Movement called on the public to be vigilant on the Arroyo camp’s various maneuvers to escape accountability. The group joined a protest at the Supreme Court during Tuesday’s en banc session.

“The Arroyo camp has still a hefty warchest and a reliable ally in the Supreme Court. We take vigilance as majority of the Supreme Court justices may still act according to political patronage. The Supreme Court could still give GMA a ticket out of jail and even out of the country,” said Fr. Joe Dizon, Pagbabago! Spokesperson.

For his part, Atty. Edre Olalia said while the Aquino administration has legal options in prosecuting the Arroyos, the latter could always go to the Supreme Court where they have the numbers.

“The Arroyos will not run out of cards to play as long as they have the numbers in the Supreme Court. So what really matters now, apart from sound legal tactics, is the political decisiveness of the Aquino Administration,” said Atty. Olalia

The group noted that it took Malacañang too long to file the electoral sabotage case and has not acted on many other cases compromising the certainty of making Arroyo accountable for her crimes against the people.

“The Aquino administration should not give the Arroyos leeway to delay the filing of cases any further. It should be decisive in foiling Arroyo’s maneuvers and make sure that this electoral sabotage case goes through. There should be no compromise,” said Dr. Araullo.

Complainants led by Dr. Araullo through their lawyers filed before the Ombudsman on Monday a motion to deny another extension of filing counter-affidavits by the Arroyos and a motion to resolve and file the NBN-ZTE plunder case at the Sandiganbayan.

The group prompted Malacañang to file plunder and rights violation charges against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo pending before the Ombudsman and the Quezon City Trial Court.

“Mrs. Arroyo and her cohorts are also liable for human rights violations such as extra judicial killings and enforced disappearances. There are already cases filed by various groups and victims of human rights violations but Malacañang has not lifted a finger on these cases,” said Mrs. Edith Burgos, mother of Jonas Burgos who was abducted during the Arroyo admiand gone missing since.

University of the Philippines Regent Bibeth Orteza also pointed out that should the Court grant Mrs. Arroyo hospital arrest, it should be in a government hospital like the Philippine General Hospital. Orteza recounted that the late Crispin Beltran paid for his own hospital bills while in arrest in the Heart Center of the Philippines, while the pregnant detainees of the Morong 43 were placed in hospital arrest in PGH.

The Gloria Panagutin Movement pushed for the filing of cases such as the NBN-ZTE Deal and fertilizer fund plunder cases with the Ombudsman and the civil case filed by members of the Morong 43 (health workers illegally arrested and detained in Morong, Rizal) and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Bazaars in UP Diliman

 Yes! The Christmas Bazaars inside the University of the Philippines are already in place. They are just waiting for you to be there. "Tis the season for some holiday shopping again and since Filipinos tend to start the Christmas season earlier than usual, it doesn't hurt to go to UP Diliman to check some of the stuff being sold. 

Just this weekend, stalls were put up inside the Bahay ng Alumni where accessories to clothes to books to cakes were being sold. And as we approach the season to be jolly, more and more bazaars will be sprouting like mushrooms in other parts of Quezon City and in Metro Manila as a whole. 

The Christmas season is always something to look forward to especially for holiday shoppers who are looking for that perfect gift for friends and family.

If you are on a budget, you might want to go to the bazaars inside UP Diliman.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Diliman Diary blog 11.20.2011

I disagree with Supreme Court spokeperson Justice Midas Marquez' assertions on television that it was always possible to throw the book at former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) after she had left the country. What is more important is to keep her in-country and let her account for her actions while in office.

If we let GMA leave under our own noses, due to legal infirmities exploited by GMA's lawyers, we will become the laughing stock of the whole world.

How is it that South Korea has jailed three of its former Presidents?

How is it that Saddam Hussein was tried in his own country, found guilty of crimes against humanity and hanged by the neck until dead by Iraq's justice system?

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak was ousted this year in a people's uprising and remains on trial for economic sabotage and allegations of corruption.

Let's face it, in all three instances the decision to put these people on trial was a political act exercised by the incumbent government in power. These governments demonstrated that they had the political will to put former rulers on trial for crimes against their respective national interests.

It's in the national interest of this country to demonstrate that nobody is above the law, beginning with putting on trial a former President.

President Benigno S. Aquino III has the mandate of the people to undertake his actions. The Supreme Court's composition, starting with Chief Justice Renato Corona (a midnight appointee of GMAs) and stuffed chock-full-o' GMA appointees has ... GMA's mandate.

On the balance, I prefer to place my trust and confidence in the Aquino administration over that of the GMA appointed Supreme Court.

Vox populi. Vox Dei.
(Posted by Chanda Shahani)

Friday, November 18, 2011

UP Guitar Orchestra Live On November 19

The University of the Philippines Diliman will be hosting a UP Guitar Orchestra performance tomorrow, November 19, at the GT-Toyota Asian Cultural Center located in Quezon City.

The show will start at 7 in the evening. Those who are planning to go see the UP Guitar Orchestra perform should go earlier however to make sure that you can watch the concert from beginning to end.

The UP Guitar Orchestra prides itself for being the very first Guitar Orchestra in the country. The group brings together the artistic expertise and excellence of Guitar students from the university’s College of Music.

Regular tickets cost Php 300, stdent tickets will be sold at Php 150 and Php 240 for seniors.

For more information on their concert tomorrow, you may contact the General Manager for the group, Prof. Lester Demetillo at or send a message to Neil at +639276808255.

Sawang Sawa na Kami

By U.P. Alyansa

Last Friday, November 11, just outside the backstage of R O C K A S J U A N, a concert that celebrates Filipino pride and volunteerism held at the Sunken Garden, two masked men, who were identified as Alpha Phi Beta members, in a Honda Civic with the plate ZGS 242, hit Lloyd Cunanan of Alpha Sigma twice in his head, one at the back and one at the side, inflicting fear to the event organizers.

This series of rumbles by Alpha Sigma and Alpha Phi Beta fraternities has already had 3 earlier casualties, Kehrl Reyes (APB), Ivan Valcos (Alpha Sigma) and an unidentified member of APB. Just today (November 14), Kehrl Reyes' car windows were broken by unknown people.

ALYANSA condemns this barbaric act that is unforgivable for civilized human beings. It is with grave frustration that an institution of learning is continuously plagued by such acts of violence that remains to be justly neglected even after its long history of bloodshed in the university.

We have remained true to our call against fraternity-related violence, active in our attempts to engage the administration to take just and necessary measures to punish those who violate such heinous crimes accordingly, and respectful of the rights and efforts of our fraternity men to organize and co-exist in peace with each other but as seen in this case alone, the issue of fraternity-related violence remains amidst efforts to curtail it.

This year alone, different brawls between Sigma Rho and Upsilon and Alpha Sigma and Upsilon caused multiple persons, both fraternity men and non-fraternity men, to be victims of such acts causing widespread fear to the innocent and unaffiliated UP students. No amount of administration intervention in the forms of peace treaties and accords among and between these fraternities worked. Calls remained unheeded. Rules have become mere words given the lack of proper implementation. And some fraternities, no matter how much they claim to be for peace, have proven otherwise, in their acts.


We reiterate our strongest calls to UP President Alfredo Pascual (a fraternity man himself), Chancellor Saloma and the UP administration to take concrete actions against these violent acts happening in the university. Review and properly implement the rules governing fraternities in the university. Make those members of fraternities who are directly involved and identified in cases of fraternity-related violence legally accountable in the Student Disciplinary Tribunal. Peace accords are not enough.

We also enjoin all Student Councils to be part of the reconvening of the Student-Led Anti-Fraternity-Related Violence Watch (SAWA) this coming Friday, November 18, 4PM. Concrete measures need to be taken and taken together and we expect nothing less from our student leaders mandated and elected to protect the rights and welfare of their constituents. It’s time to take a definite stand.

Security within the university is not a mere issue but a right of every student.


Iskolar para sa Bayan, tutulan ang karahasan. 
Hindi ito sukatan ng kadakilaan, katapangan at kapatiran.
Kasama ka sa patuloy na paghangad at pagkamit sa katarungan.

(The venue of the SAWA meeting will be posted on Please wait for further announcements. For inquiries, please email us

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cinema One Originals Campus Tour Starts November 29

The UP Cineastes’ Studio together with the UP Film Institute and Cinema One Originals will be holding the 4th Cinema One Originals Campus Tour inside the University of the Philippines Diliman.
If you are fond of watching Filipino movies, you may want to go to UP Diliman on November 29 to watch the first two films to be shown by group.

Here is the schedule released by the UP Film Institute:

November 29, 2011 (Tuesday)
5PM Sa Kanto ng Ulap at Lupa
730PM Anatomiya ng Korupsyon

November 30, 2011 (Wednesday)
5PM Mga Anino sa Tanghaling Tapat
730PM Di Ingon 'Nato

December 1, 2011 (Thursday)
5PM My Paranormal Romance
730PM Big Boy

December 2, 2011 (Friday)
5PM Sa Ilalim ng Tulay
730PM Ka Oryang

December 3, 2011 (Saturday)
5PM Cartas de La Soledad
730PM Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay

Tickets are at Php 100 each.

Friday, November 11, 2011

UP Diliman 86.49% Passing in ECE Licensure Exam

The Professional Regulation Commission recently uploaded an update for this year’s Electronics Engineer Licensure Exam. PRC stated in their website that 1, 684 out of 4, 568 examinees passed the examination. The names of the passers have already been released. 

There were 33 first time takers from the University of the Philippines Diliman and four repeaters. All repeaters passed the exam administered by PRC while one first timer from UP did not make it. Four more were given a COND mark.

Paulo Jessie Ramos Morales from the University of the Philippines Diliman got the highest score the exam with a 94.60 score. Another UP Diliman graduate that made the top 10 is Marc Stephen Dolot Ocampo who got 91.60 in the licensure test. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

VANS | FREEGO | FRESHGEAR DECEMBER SALE 2011 Up to 70% OFF! December 2- 4, 2011

To enlarge the graphic just click on it

UPJFA Treasury Operations Group

Up to 70% OFF!

December 2- 4, 2011
NCPAG Hall, UP Diliman
9am - 6pm

Ways to go there:
1) MRT (Quezon Ave) - UP Campus jeep (beneath MRT station) - University Ave (Checkpoint) - E. Jacinto St.
2) If inside UP, IKOT jeep

See you there! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Climate change roundtable discussion today

Bringing together thinkers and climate change experts as well as key government officials and the civil society, Climate Exchange: A Roundtable Discussion aims to help come up with a strategy on how to deal with the climate change problem. The discussion will be held today at the Benitez Theater at the College of Education in the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Those interested in understanding the impacts of climate change on the environment specifically our most vulnerable communities such as the agricultural sector and the country's coastal areas should go straight to the College of Education's Benitez Theater before 1PM today. The discussion will start at 1PM sharp and will end at 5:30 in the afternoon.

The objective of the discussion is to map out a plan on how to deal with climate change by converging the efforts of civil society, the government and the private sector.

Friday, November 4, 2011

OVCCA Issues New Car Sticker Memo

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs issued a memo last October 27 regarding the entry of vehicles in the University of the Philippines Diliman campus without a car sticker from the OVCCA. The memo signed by Prof. Melania L. Abad said that only vehicles with a sticker can pass through Ylanan, Jacinto, Velasquez, Magsaysay and Shuster.

Those without a car sticker for SY 2011-2012, according to the memo, should only enter the campus through the University Avenue where there are ample guards. Since the campus is not a gated one, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs said in the memo that these measures are needed to keep the campus and of course, the students safe. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doctor Love: Top 5 Things A Woman Should Never Do On A Date

by Sigrid Salucop

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So you think you’ve been in many a bad dates? Think again. More often than not, we always hear women whining about how bad their dates went and how insensitive their dates were but we usually do not hear anything from the other side of the spectrum. What ladies should remember is that men have opinions too and they do get turned off by certain things even if you are smoking hot. Here are the things you should never do on a date and should absolutely NOT do on a first date. Although some of these things can be forgiven, results may vary -depending of course on the man you are or will be dating.

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1.            1The Police Pick Up

         Do not get arrested, please. We all know some boys like bad girls but if you go ahead and start breaking shop windows in a drunken stupor, you might as well say bye-bye to the very few good men in this world.

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2.          2. Gassy Girl

          It is natural to fart, after all, we all need to let go of gas one way or the other but if you start farting the smelliest and the loudest fart one has ever “experienced” you can be sure that your date will never call you in the morning. Nope, he won’t call in the afternoon either. He won’t ever call. Full stop. If you have this tendency to emit gas all the time, you might as well try to eat something that will not lead to an upset stomach. Steering clear of Mexican or Indian food is a bright idea.

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3.          3.  Rumble in the Jungle
            Although Love in the Time of Cholera is sexy and depicts the ardor of a man who loves a woman, a bit of colon cleansing during a date is definitely a big no-no. If you still went through the Mexican or Indian food experience, you might as well slap yourself especially if you are one of the gassy ones. You should also expect to spend the whole night in the toilet. These things do happen and your date will be sorry for you but he probably won’t give you a call in the morning unless he found your bout of diarrhea adorable.

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4.         4. Make Up Monster 
           Lay off the foundation. If you can’t get out of the house without wearing make up, make sure that the make up isn’t thick enough to last for days. Some men have figured this whole routine out because in the morning, the girl they went out with the night before usually looks like a different person. So yes, in this shallow little world of ours, it sometimes pays to not alter your face through the fine art of make up application.

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5.         5.  Spell W-H-O-R-E 
          There is a fine line between being sexy and completely whore-ish. Don’t get me wrong though, some men like the latter kind but to avoid the stink eye and to avoid getting asked, “How much?” use a dress that does not reveal too much. Some may tell you to ditch those F-me pumps too but here’s the deal, if you can make sky high heels look classy and not trashy, then go ahead and wear them. This rule applies to dresses as well.

Questions? Comments? Reactions? 
You may email Doctor Love at

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank To Be Shown At The UP Film Institute

A recent tweet from a UP student said that “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank” will be shown at the UP Film Institute inside the University of the Philippines Diliman on November 15, 2011. This has not been verified yet but fans of Eugene Domingo might want to take note of the date along with learning how to go to the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines to see the movie again.

The film chronicles the lives of 3 filmmakers as they set out to go see their lead actress and check out the main location for their film. The well-to-do filmmakers are set on making an award-winning film fueled by their drive and their dream to be known filmmakers of their time.  

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