Saturday, November 27, 2010

UP Cebu Isko and Iska Walkout to protest budget cut!

Editor's note: The following statement and pictures are from University of the Philippines (U.P.) Faculty Regent Judy M. Taguiwalo who was present at U.P. Cebu to attend the 1263rd U.P. Board of Regents meeting there on November 26, 2010.

Protests against the budget cut were not limited to Metro Manila universities. U.P. Cebu students, professors and staff walked out today to send the same message to the Aquino government--education is a right, no to the reduction in the already inadequate government subsidy to U.P. and other state universities and colleges. As the U.P. BOR held its meeting in U.P. Cebu, the protest also called for the implementation of the May 2010 decision granting Sarah Raymundo tenure, the grant of tenure to U.P. Cebu professor Roberto Basadre, financial allocation for U.P. Cebu which will be autonomous from U.P. Visayas starting January 2011 among other concerns. We are so proud to have been part of the U.P. Cebu protest. Padayon!!

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To see the remaining pictures, please click here: UP Cebu Isko and Iska Walkout to protest budget cut!


  1. Kung wala na talagang pera ang UP, eh di umalis na kayo sa UAAP. Sayang lang ang binabayad/binigay na allowance sa mga players! Sa buwis pa rin yung galing, 'di ba?

  2. I thought that I should join the protests. But then again, the administration is just being reasonably fair. I agree to cutting funds of SUCs so we could increase subsidies to public elementary and secondary schools. It’s appalling to find one teacher to every 60-70 pupils in crowded and unhealthy classrooms. The condition offers a mere semblance of learning. Let’s not be selfish!

    Mga Iskolar ng Bayan, wag po tayong gahaman!

  3. Ang edukasyon ay karapatan ninuman, elementary student ka man o tertiary student... nakapaloob yan sa Konstitusyon, Art. 14


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