Friday, November 26, 2010

Open Studio: College of Fine Arts Fair 2010, November 27 at U.P. Diliman

27 November 2010
9am - 5 pm

CFA College Grounds

Open Studio: CFA Art Fair 2010

As in previous years, all classrooms and studios will be open at the 2010 CFA ArtFair: to art friends, parents of students, and alumni , to showcase the works of CFA student artists, their talents and skills in live academic studio settings. The 2010 CFA ArtFair will witness artists at work -creating ceramics and pottery, painting Chinese calligraphy, demonstrating batik prints, body art, silkscreening, cartooning, and printmaking. 

Artworks of students, and some alumni will go on exhibit throughout the day, and will be sold for the benefit of CFA and its students.

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