Friday, January 7, 2011

U.P. Diliman vs. U.P. Manila according to U.P. Manila Chancellor Ramon Arcadio

"The Chancellor’s message was really good. I’m not short of adjectives to describe it—it’s really good. But I wan to focus on his silly though fully-spirited speech: The Comparison of UP-Manila and UP-Diliman.

** UP Manila is the cradle campus (We are the first!)
UP Diliman is the flagship campus

** UP Manila has the highest UPG cut-off
UP Diliman falls in the second place

** UP Manila has the UP Manila Mall i.e. Robinson’s Place Ermita
UP Diliman has no-match in terms leisure-places

** UP Manila is the true home of the authentic Oblation
UP Diliman just got it from us

** UP Manila’s environment depicts TRUE life: Pollution, Crime, Street Vendors, etc.
UP Diliman depicts the serene life: trees, grasses, nature, etc.

** UP Manila’s audience in their rallies are the DOJ, NBI, COA, etc.
UP Diliman’s audience in their rallies are the trees, the students, and the oblation

** UP Manila’s chancellor lives with the PGH President, Bahay ni Kuya.
UP Diliman’s chancellor lives with the UP President, Bahay ni Biyenan."

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