Wednesday, January 19, 2011

UPD-Ayala Recyclables Fair on Wed., Jan. 26, 2011

Start the year right by decluttering your homes!

UP Diliman Recyclables Fair
January 26, 2011, Wednesday
AS Parking Lot (Lower Level)


Printer cartridge - toner and ink cartridges
Used lead-acid batteries - genset, UPS and motor vehicle batteries
E-waste - non-working electronic and electrical appliances, CPUs
Paper - used paper, cartons, boxes, old newspapers, magazine, obsolete books, TetraPak cartons
Plastic and Metal - PET bottles, containers, plastic furniture, VCDs and CDs, VHS and beta tapes, aluminum cans, tin cans, other metals
Others (no monetary value): Tarpaulin streamers, polystyrene packaging, clean sando bags,cassette tapes, mobile phones and chargers

Items not accepted for disposal: Computer monitors and TV sets, wood, ceramics, colored bottles,old clothes, tires, and busted fluorescent lamps

We have attached the price list for your review. Prices may change without prior notice.

Pricelist 1
(To enlarge the graphic, 
just click on it)

Pricelist 2
(To enlarge the graphic,
just click on it)

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