Tuesday, January 18, 2011

... And it Was That Quick: A Diliman Diary Reader Has Already Correctly Identified the Creepy U.P. Diliman Photo

This is to announce that a Diliman Diary Reader has already correctly identified the U.P. Diliman photo mentioned in today's article at http://diliman-diary.blogspot.com/2011/01/creepy-up-diliman-photo.html
(please see the photo embedded below).

"The picture shown is the back of the UP Theater (Villamor Hall), known commonly as the Dalisay Aldaba Hall," said Chrismar Punzal in an email to the Diliman Diary today.

For correctly identifying this mold-infested U.P. Diliman building, Chrismar gets to win one (1) Bioessence Gold Gift Certificate. This will be at Bioessence's 47 West Avenue, Quezon City Head Office where the lucky winner will be able to enjoy a Swedish Massage in an atmosphere constituting the Ultimate Italian Spa Experience.

Congratulations Chrismar!

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