Thursday, January 27, 2011

UPIS Benefit Concert for UPIS Student Raigene Busi on February 4, 2011

ROCK4RAI, a benefit concert for University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS) student Raigene Busi, will be held on February 4, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at the UPIS parking lot. 

Rock4Rai, which will feature about 50 performers, including UPIS bands, aims to raise funds for the recovery of Rai, a fourth-year student of the school who was struck by a motorcycle on December 17. Since the accident, Rai has been confined at the Philippine General Hospital where her father, a single parent, works as an administrative assistant. Rai suffered serious injuries, leaving her in the surgery intensive care unit until her transfer to an isolation room in the trauma ward only recently. 

She battled lung and kidney infection and was dependent on a respirator for several weeks. Doctors also removed her spleen and pancreas after both organs sustained heavy damage due to the accident. On Tuesday, Rai underwent a colostomy after she developed a block in her large intestines. 

Doctors continue to watch her closely and are waiting for her condition to further improve before they start working on her other injuries—two broken ribs, plus a break in her collarbone and left arm. 

For tickets to Rock4Rai, contact May Datuin at 0917-5840760. Those who want to help out the family may call Rai’s father, Raymundo Busi, at 0919-4610592. Donations may be coursed through his DBP bank account (account name Raymundo Busi, account number 5053784109).

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