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U.P. Student points out errors in Diliman Diary's coverage of U.P. NCPAG Professor Briones' remarks as a nominee in several fora for U.P. Presidential nominees

Editor's note: We are reposting below an email we have received today from U.P. Student John J. M. Duldulao pointing out several errors in our past reporting of the remarks of University of the Philippines (U.P.) National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG) Professor Leonor M. Briones, who is one of eleven nominees for U.P. President. Several fora were held at U.P. Los Banos, U.P. Diliman and U.P. Manila where the nominees presented their visions for U.P. and answered questions from the audiences. The Diliman Diary has corrected the errors and apologizes for any inconvenience we may have caused. Mr. Duldulao also sent copies of the written speeches of Professor Briones at these three fora the texts of which we are making available to interested readers, who may click on the links below:

Speech of Professor Leonor M. Briones at U.P. Los Banos on September 20, 2010:

Speech of Professor Leonor M. Briones at U.P. Diliman on September 24, 2010:

Speech of Professor Leonor M. Briones at U.P. Manila on October 14, 2010:

Letter of Mr. John J. M. Duldulao

26 October 2010

The Editor
Diliman Diary

Dear Sir:

Thank you for keeping us informed and updated on the search process for the next UP President! Your posts on the fora are very helpful in making the constituents, alumni and supporters of the university aware of the nominees’ visions and views on different UP issues.

In view of this, I would like to share additional information on the statements as reported in the blog posts. It is mentioned in the September 24 post that “…Briones told the audience that she ‘left PhP 125 billion with the National Treasury when I was fired by then President Joseph E. Estrada…’"[i] However, it was not then President Estrada who fired Professor Briones for telling the truth; it was then President Gloria M. Arroyo who fired her for not lying in favor of the latter. In fact, the PhP 125 billion, that is comprised of PhP 75 billion in the custody of the Bureau of Treasury and PhP 50 billion in the custody of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, is what was left by the Estrada administration when Prof. Briones was the Treasurer of the Philippines. Former UP President Dodong Nemenzo even said that because of this, which he referred to as the strongest evidence of Prof. Briones’ integrity, he felt proudest of her[ii].

Meanwhile, in the October 15 sidebar article, it is stated that “[s]he said that if she became U.P. President, she could help address this issue by getting back gthe PhP 100 million taken out of U.P.'s Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) in the national budget as well as the Php 300 million still owed to it by the national government under the U.P. Charter.[iii]  She actually said “she could help address this issue by getting back the PhP 1.179 billion in the MOOE which was not granted by the DBM.” In fact, that was what she requested from Congress in the Appropriations Committee hearing when she presented the alternative budget proposal.

The alternative budget that she presented stated that,
“[t]he University of the Philippines needs additional funds for Maintenance and Other Operating Expenditures (MOOE) to meet budget deficiencies for existing programs and projects; including provision of fund for utilities (water and electricity) and repair and maintenance of various school buildings and facilities of different campuses of the UP System. Likewise, there is need to appropriate necessary funds for the completion and start of operation of several buildings of the National Science Complex (NSC) and the Engineering for Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) Projects of the College of Engineering.
Under RA 9500, ‘An Act to Strengthen the University of the Philippines as the National University,’ it is mandated that ‘in addition to the regular appropriations for the University under the annual GAA, a centennial fund shall be appropriated in the amount of One Hundred Million pesos (PhP 100M) per year for a period of 5 years which shall likewise be included in the GAA.’”[iv]

I hope that I was able to share substantially in addition to the information that your team has gathered for the Search Process for the next UP President. I am also attaching copies of Prof. Briones’ speeches that I have obtained from the fora for the nominees for UP President. Thank youand mabuhay po kayo!


Student, University of the Philippines

[i] "U.P.’s problems are ventilated by its very own nominees for U.P. President as they present their visions, and answer questions before critical audiences at UP Diliman and the rest of the U.P. System." Diliman Diary. Diliman Diary, 24 Sep 2010. Web. 26 Oct 2010. <>.
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