Thursday, September 30, 2010

A nominee for U.P. President complains about dirty tactics emanating from Quezon Hall

Editor's note: We have received today an email from Dr. Patrick Azanza, a nominee for U.P. President decrying unprincipled tactics utilized against him by unknown persons who do not like the message he has been conveying in the various fora he has been attending. Entitled, "I hope Diliman Diary will cover the U.P. Law Forum on the U.P. Presidency held this morning at Ambion Hall, U.P. Law," the Diliman Diary is reproducing the email in line our principle of full and balanced longitudinal coverage:

"During the forum I exposed the malicious and desperate moves of a few people resorting to concocted lies to discredit me as a candidate knowing that my campaign for change in UP is gaining ground. Several men walking from Quezon Hall distributing white paper against me printed on a government-sized bond paper were seen by my supporters and gave me a copy of the white paper. It turned out that even during the UP Diliman Forum held at NISMED the same document was being distributed to attendees. The black propaganda is an insult to the intelligence of the UP community and the Board of Regents. It is reminiscent of the dirty tricks done by traditional politicians to discredit their leading opponents. This was resorted to even during the last presidential elections wherein P-Noy himself was victimized. This act which stands to benefit the quarters representing the status quo in the university is an act of mockery and desecrates the sacred process of the search for the next U.P. President. The student regent attended the UP law forum. I also informed the Admin Regent as well as the Philippine Collegian Editor so that dirty tactics such as this which could mislead the members of the UP Board of Regents must immediately be checked by an unbiased person. I trust that the CHED Chairman, the Faculty Regent and the other objective members of the UP Board of Regents will look into this in order to make sure that the search process will remain fair and just.

Thank you.

Dr. Patrick Azanza
Nominee for UP President"

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