Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More details emerge on the U.P. Los Baños public forum to present nominees for the next U.P. President

 (Nominees table inside Umali Hall, UPLB)

The first of the three public forum to present the nominees for the next UP President was held on September 20, 2010 in UP Los Baños. Ten of the 11 nominees presented their vision for the university. The order of the presentation was done by drawing lots, according to Faculty Regent Judy Taguiwalo.

The Diliman Diary covered the event yesterday from the remote viewing site of the College of Nursing auditorium in U.P. Manila (please click on this link for the story: http://diliman-diary.blogspot.com/2010/09/nominees-for-up-president-present.html).

 (Faculty Regent Judy Taguiwalo)

 (Student Regent Cori Alessa Co)

 (Staff Regent Clodualdo "Buboy" Cabrera)

Regent Taguiwalo, who attended the UPLB forum, together with Student Regent Cori Alessa Co, Staff Regent Clodualdo "Buboy" Cabrera and Acting Alumni Regent Gladys Tiongco, informed the Diliman Diary about additional details which we would like to share with our readers.

After the 10 minute presentation of each of the nominees, an open forum where questions from UPLB and from other constituent universities (through livestreaming) were asked. The questions included the following concerns:

(U.P. Diliman Chancellor Sergio S. Cao)

1. What are your plans to make UP a research university?
2. Earnings of UP Diliman are shared with other CUs. What are you going to do to reduce the subsidy of Diliman to other CUs.
3. Do you agree to the need for ensuring transparency in the financial allocation and transactions of the university?
4. What are you going to do to assist UP Mindanao which has limited resources compared to other CUs.
5. What is UP's most important problem?
6. What program of the current administration is worthy of continuing support?
7. What are you going to do to unify the various constituent universities?
8. If UP becomes exempted from SSL how do you propose to generate funds for the salaries of the personnel?

 (Former National Treasurer and NCPAG
Professor Leonor Briones)

The first and last questions were asked of all nominees. In addition, each nominee answered a question drawn from the pool of questions from UPLB or asked from a remote site.

(Protesters inside Umali Hall.
To enlarge the pictures, just click on them)

But interspersed with the nominees' eloquent presentations which is all we witnessed from the comfort of our remote viewing site at the College of Nursing auditorium at U.P. Manila, we were unable to determine that on the ground, in UPLB, students and union members had additional concerns that they wished to bring to the attention of the nominees, one of whom will be chosen by the Board of Regents on a first round of voting (or maybe even more) starting November 17, 2010 during a special BOR meeting or series of meetings.

(UPLB Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco)

 (Sign opposing Chancellor Velasco as a choice for U.P. President)

(A long line of UPLB security guard the protesters' every move)

Protests occurred inside and outside Umali Hall and the pictures, both of nominees presenting, and protesters protesting, courtesy of Regent Taguiwalo, are posted here one after the other as a kind of visual juxtaposition and narrative in order to add greater context to the event and highlight the concerns that the different sectors feel have been left unaddressed by the outgoing administration of U.P. President Emerlinda R. Roman and should be addressed by the next U.P. President.

(Former U.P. Diliman Dept. of English and Comparatve
Literature Chair Consolacion Alaras)

(Former U.P. College of Law Dean Raul Pangalangan)


(Former Budget Secretary and School of Economics
Professor Benjamin Diokno)


(Former Vice President for Academic Affairs &
U.P. Diliman History Professor Ma. Serena Diokno)



(U.P. Diliman College of Education Senior
Lecturer Dr. Patrick Azanza)



(U.P. Diliman SOLAIR Professor Virginia Teodosio)


(Alumni Regent (on leave) Alfredo Pascual)





(Photos and updates are courtesy of Faculty Regent Judy Taguiwalo)


  1. Alfredo PASCUAL not Alfredo Reyes is the name the Alumni Regent (on leave). thanks! :)

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  3. hi, just a little suggestion..
    aside from the name that appears below the picture, maybe it would also be nice to know, what these people are talking about, just to give us (the readers) an idea..

  4. To U.P. Issues: Oops our apologies to all of our readers for the mistake and thanks for pointing this out. We have already corrected this.

    To Anonymous: We have already covered what the nominees said the day before. Please see: http://diliman-diary.blogspot.com/2010/09/nominees-for-up-president-present.html

    As for what the protesters and the regents said, the information was not immediately available but we hope to correct this with more follow up reports over time. Due to limited man and woman power, we could not go to UPLB and are sometimes dependent on credible secondary sources of information. Thank you for the suggestions. :) - Ed.

  5. Hi!

    I just wanna point out that Prof. Leonor M. Briones is our sole nominee from the National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG) NOT Prof. Virginia Teodosio. Prof. Teodosio is a professor at the School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR).

  6. This has been corrected not only in this dispatch but also in the previous dispatch. We apologize to our readers for the error which we attribute to visual fatigue, a small computer screen and the lack of an extra pair of eyes to copy edit our dispatches for typos.


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