Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dr. Ma. Serena Diokno: Where it's all good in cyberspace

(Dr. Ma. Serena Diokno with U.P. President Emerlinda 
R. Roman Source:

The Diliman Diary did not find any relevant videos in and elsewhere on the internet on U.P. Diliman History Professor Ma. Serena Diokno, who is one of the eleven nominees for U.P. President. However, we did come across a page on entitled, "Maris Diokno for U.P. President," (see: with about 165 fans (thus far), and which contains relevant information and links about Dr. Diokno's professional career, with absolutely no critiques, in comparison and contrast to several other candidates for U.P. President.


But what was revealing was when we checked references in the U.P. website search engine for Dr. Diokno, and two of the other top contenders for the position of U.P. President - that is, U.P. Diliman Chancellor Sergio Cao and U.P. Los Baños Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco. The Diliman Diary has previously maintained that Dr. Diokno, Dr. Velasco and Dr. Cao had some sort of in-built advantage over other nominees for the position of U.P. President due to their associations with the so-called "Wednesday Club" (see

However, an informal content analysis of the U.P. website ( shows that Dr. Diokno has the most number of references compared to Chancellor Cao and Chancellor Velasco, when their names were checked through the U.P. website's search engine. This finding, compared to the rather critical posts made about Chancellor Cao and Chancellor Velasco tend to indicate that Dr. Diokno is the least objectionable (that is to different sectors of the U.P. community) among the candidates who have the support of the U.P. Administration. These criteria will have a significant impact on the majority decision of the U.P. Board of Regents, whose composition (as it currently stands) will be largely supportive of a new U.P. President who can maximize the probability of continuing the programs and policies of outgoing U.P. President Emerlinda R. Roman, while innovating other policies or improving upon them, and who is acceptable to a wide number of constituents within the U.P. community.

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