Sunday, September 19, 2010

Diliman Videos of the Week (Part 1) : U.P. Diliman Chancellor Sergio S. Cao sings "Isang Kundiman"

 (Dr. Sergio Cao being sworn into office by
U.P. President Emerlinda R. Roman. Source:

Editor's note: The social networking site has a page entitled: "Cao as U.P. President? No Way!" ( It specifically cited UP Diliman Chancellor Sergio Cao's Legacy as follows:

1. No student representation in the formulation of the Student Code of Conduct

2. Refusal to be interviewed by the Philippine Collegian

3. Did not release the Philippine Collegian's student fund, causing the first non-publication of the student paper after Martial Law

3. Denial of U.P. Diliman Sociology Professor Sarah Raymundo's appeal for tenure

4. In many cases, failure to comply with the rule that official communications should be answered within 15 calendar days

5. Flexibility in the application of UP's land use plan for favored unit: allowing Engineering to occupy two major spaces in the university: the engineering center and its present location

6. Remiss in implementing BOR policy that dean selection process shall commence three months before the end of the term of the Dean and the next Dean selected a month before the end of the term of the outgoing Dean

7. Refusal to have academic union representation in the university's academic personnel committee

8. Delayed the collection of the academic union's agency fee and membership dues.

On the other hand, the above does not represent the entire picture of Chancellor Cao, who is a nominee for the position of President of U.P. To get more details about all the nominees, please click on this link: and to read their curriculum vitae and position papers, please check the U.P. website at:

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