Monday, August 16, 2010

I vote for MDGS: A Citizen Journalism Workshop

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Want to learn how to tweet the way newsmen do it? Want to learn how to use everyday gadgets like your cellphones, digicams, iPod, laptops PDAs, and smartphones for citizen journalism? Want to become a certified CITIZEN JOURNALIST?

Join “I Vote for MDGs!” A Citizen Journalism Workshop” on August 21-23, 9-5pm at the UP College of Mass Communication. Open and FREE for all UP Diliman students. You don’t have to be a mass communication student to join. Even if you’re taking up Biology, Engineering, Food Technology, Political Science, European Languages or any course in Diliman, you’re welcome to join! As long as you’re an ISKO or an ISKA!

This FREE workshop will be held for 3 days and it will include discussions on journalism ethics and lectures on how to use everyday technology (digi/videocams, cellphones, laptops, mp3s) in producing stories for broadcast. A hands-on exercise will be part of the workshop, where participants will be divided into groups, will be asked to do filming and editing to create a 3-minute news story. These stories will then be screened and critiqued on the last day by Probe’s producers and UP College of Mass Communication’s faculty.

The training will focus on the basics of journalistic storytelling with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as the framework. The MDGs are 8 time-bound goals, set by member states of the United Nations which addresses global concerns such as poverty and hunger, universal education, gender equality, child health, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, environmental sustainability and global partnership between first and third world countries.

“I VOTE FOR MDGS! A CITIZEN JOURNALISM WORKSHOP” presented by UP Journalism Club in partnership with Probe Media Foundation, Inc., Probe Productions, Inc. and the United Nations.

For more information and to reserve slots: PRE-REGISTRATION IS A MUST!

- You may contact Iya Cailao at 09065005867

- Send an e-mail to


This workshop has been indefinitely postponed. To get updated on the new workshop dates, please communicate by utilizing the contact details above.

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