Saturday, August 14, 2010

Diliman Videos of the Week; Sandugo: Winner of 6 Awards in the 5th Mindanao Film Festival in 2009

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"Sandugo," an Ateneo de Davao made short film by Studio Beta Productions won various awards in the 5th Mindanao Film Festival in 2009.

Written, edited and directed by Ronald Gary Bengil Bautista, a Mass Communication teacher and under the visual effects talent of Leo Jeorge Bengil Bautista, a Mass Communication Student, Sandugo is inspired by Leodegario Cruz Bautista Sr., their late father.

The story revolved on Lyric’s (Renzo Miguel Castaňos Pagsaligan) fondness for making unusual storyboards with the character Sandugo (Ritz Charles Beltran) in it. It made Lyric’s mother April (Eva Magno) worried and furious. One alarming event will uncover the truth behind Lyric’s behavior. It also tackled love, a child's for his parents, and the parental love for children. The film also features students of Ateneo de Davao University, namely Ej Fernandez, Samantha Soriano, Ritz Beltran, Emory Anthony Juansengpue, Eva Magno and Josol Matalam.

Bautista says the title of the film Sandugo is derived from “Isang Dugo” which plays as a thread to keep the story integrity as well as the want of the Lyric to save his father’s life.

The Film bagged six (6) Major Awards in the Film Fest’s Awards Night: The Red Fist Award (Best Production Value), Best Sound Design, Best Musical Score, Best Editing, Best Guerrilla Film and Best Picture.

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