Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For all Filipino Citizens (and even those who are not): Briefer on the new website of the President of the Philippines

(Source: http://www.gov.ph/, hosted at ASTI, U.P. Diliman)

Briefer on the President's Website

Prepared by the Presidential Communications Operations Office


The Office of the President’s official website (http://www.president.gov.ph/) has been developed with the main intent which is to provide a feedback mechanism wherein the people can stay connected to the president and air their views. It is a platform wherein people can make their voices heard. It is an enabler wherein people can send a message to the president or any of his staff. The domain address of the President’s website has been changed from www.op.gov.ph to www.president.gov.ph to cater to our desire to be more attuned to the language that is used by the people.

The Office of the President’s approach to New Media reflects the current trend in the use of available technology which is to engage and empower citizens not only in the online world but also offline. The website has been developed with a belief that people support what they help create. The website will be a partnership wherein content will be a shared responsibility between the president, the different government agencies, and the people.

Here are the sections of the website:

1. Three Key Banner Statements

a. Piliin natin ang daang matuwid. – A people’s commitment to the nation.

b. KAYO ang BOSS ko. – A personal commitment of P-Noy to the Filipino people.

c. Iba na tayo ngayon, BAGONG PILIPINAS. – A leadership commitment towards rebuilding trust in government and weeding out corruption.

2. Latest News – in this section, all the latest news that emanates from the Office of the President and related news on the activities of the President will be published. This can be in the form of text, link, photo or video.

3. Panata sa Pagbabago – This section remains true to a vision of a Philippines with an empowered citizenry and where “people power” is harnessed towards nation-building and good citizenship – every Filipino can declare their “Panata” for change to the president and for everyone to see.

4. My Cabinet – This section provides a listing of the president’s executive team.

5. Photos and Videos – This section provides the photos and videos of the President’s activities.

6. Tito Noy – This section shows a graphics design-driven page showing traditional Filipino values that we need to remember and teach our children—the future leaders of the country.

7. Contact Us – This section allows every citizen to send a message to the President or his staff.

8. Transparent Government – This section provides an avenue where both citizens and the different government agencies can exchange views on what a transparent government should look like and what the government is already doing to build transparency and good governance.

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