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Doctor Love: Defining Beauty

Monica Bellucci

After fixing her hair in front of the mirror, one of my former roommates realized how fun it is to be single again. With a girl like her out on the prowl for the perfect guy –tall, handsome, intelligent, good pedigree and maybe a hint of the usual bad boy attitude women love, many women would be intimidated that she, a beautiful and educated young woman is single and available.

Sophia Loren

Confusion and Doubt: What makes a woman beautiful?

However, like many beautiful women, she does not see herself clearly. In fact, she doubts that she is beautiful.  This brings us to a rather important question, why is it that we can look at other women and say that they are perfect but when we look at ourselves, we see nothing but flaws. 

There are some Filipino women who are exempted from this rule though because some, even the not-so-beautiful, have so much confidence in themselves that one wonders where this confidence was bought.

                                                                         Photoshop Era

This is the era where models and beauty queens are being airbrushed and photoshopped like crazy, and we ask ourselves, what is cute compared to magazine beautiful? Yes, women know that these are unrealistic photos but we all strive so hard to look like we just leaped out of a magazine. Although some would say that they doll up to make themselves happy, it is human nature for women to try to look more beautiful to attract potential mates.

Being beautiful has its rewards but it’s not your makeup or the way your hair is pulled up or curled or whatever that will increase your chances of being deemed as an attractive female.

                       Mankind’s Quest for Beauty

Angelina Jolie
The secret to being attractive has been a part of mankind’s quest for as long as civilization is concerned. Cleopatra for one invented makeup to make herself look more attractive than her peers (or her subjects) while Marie Antoinette bathed in wine to ensure that she doesn’t age. Women and a few metrosexual men spend a third of their yearly income to make themselves look good.

All Comes Down To Genes

Marilyn Monroe
According to studies from a number of universities abroad, certain mathematical facial proportions are considered beautiful but its not just the mere arrangement of eyes and noses or how big one’s chin is that are taken into consideration. The human brain does more than recognizing what is beautiful and what is not because most usually assess emotions, fertility and personality along with beauty all at once.

When judging whether a woman is beautiful, men make a judgment of this woman’s health and vitality. Facial symmetry and how clear and smooth one’s skin is makes one beautiful and also means that a woman with such traits has good genes. You do not have to be porcelain white to be beautiful because beauty is recognized by the male brain across cultures no matter what your color. This however is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Difference between Men and Women

Dita Von Teese
A lot of people wonder why so many ugly men date beautiful girls but it’s not all about the money as one would conclude. A study published in Psychological Science found that women do not place physical attractiveness as very important compared to how their male counterparts see beauty. It was also found that when men are looking for potential mates, they usually do not factor in their looks making it possible for unattractive men to get lucky. 

Here’s a warning to the men out there though, according to the same study, people who have the same level of physical beauty usually date each other or get married but sometimes aspire to date or marry individuals who are slightly more attractive.

Catherine Deneuve


When reality sets in, the less attractive justify their choice of partners i.e. their less than beautiful partners by saying they are kind or have a sense of humor. Without a background on such studies, a regular person would just say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this of course is just bullcrap (excuse the French). 

We don’t just zero in on the face though, the shape of one’s body and the height (especially in men) are things that are also taken into consideration. Women with an hourglass figure for example are the optimal choice for the strongest and most attractive of men.

Since attraction boils down to genetics, it would make one wonder whether that trip to the salon is still necessary. It probably isn’t.

One has to note that there are other things that attract men -it could be your sense of humor, your intelligence, etc.


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Article Written By Sigrid Salucop

For more information about the science of attraction, you may refer to the videos below:

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