Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roderick Paulate, Francisco Calalay, Jr. charged with malversation of public funds

Quezon City councilors Roderick Paulate and Francisco Calalay, Jr. are facing charges from the Office of the Ombudsman regarding fictitious employees under government payroll. These "employees" received between Php 2, 500 to Php 5, 000, reports say.

Jimmy Lee Davis, an insider at the city hall obtained evidence showing wages disbursed by the two councilors to their supposed staff. According to Davis’ complaint sent to the Field Investigation Office (FIO), Paulate has a total of 30 fictitious employees while Calalay has 29. 

A representative from the Ombudsman said, “A total of Php 2, 175, 000.00 in wages was disbursed by Councilor Calalay, while Councilor Paulate disbursed a total of Php 1, 125, 000.00."

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