Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Trend Runner: 11.0 The Year of Trading Dangerously

Mr. Rex David C. Israel finished his MBA from U.P. Diliman and finished the Securities Specialist Course given by the Philippine Stock Exchange and Ateneo. Mr. Israel gives his insights in an exciting blow-by-blow account in his blog, "The Trend Runner"about what it felt like here in the Philippines when the Dow plummeted to its lowest level in months:

"I was transitioning from sleep to wakefulness when I was fully awakened by an incoming message alarm from my cellphone. I struggled to open my eyes and then reached out for my cellphone to check the message. It was from the free news service subscription. I thought it was just one of those ordinary days. I was wrong! Dead wrong! As I scrolled down, my jaw dropped and my eyes were wide shut as I read, "DJIA dropped by 4.31% highest since December 2008."

Read the rest here: The Trend Runner: 11.0 The Year of Trading Dangerously

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