Sunday, September 25, 2011

A quote from Solita C. Monsod's "Unworthy of U.P."

Editor's note: We are doing our best to relay both sides of the story on the issue of the dismissal of U.P. Cebu College Dean Enqique C. Avila, retired U.P. Diliman College of Business Administration Professor Eresnto C. Pineda and U.P. College Budget Officer Alsidry Sharif. We have also given the side of the complainants as embodied in the letter of Phoebe Maria U. Sanchez which the Diliman Diary has uploaded as well (pls. see: Excerpts from the column of School of Economics Professor are embedded below:

"As far as I am concerned, the structural message of the Abueva, Nemenzo and Roman letter was that their successor, incumbent president Alfredo E. Pascual, did not exercise the required circumspection and fairness, thus their letter to the BOR. Nemenzo’s position is particularly significant because he served as Roman’s program development adviser on Cebu, and the new president kept him in that post. The bombshell is that he just recently resigned from it (per the UP grapevine), presumably prior to signing the letter. One bombshell after another—at least for the UP community."

"Did Pascual exercise circumspection and fairness? My previous column noted that he approved the Administrative Disciplinary Tribunal’s (the ADT) recommendation of dismissal from service on the same day that he received it (Aug. 26). The letter to Avila announcing his summary dismissal was sent on the same day."

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