Saturday, September 24, 2011

NCPAG Student Council 2011-2012 Official Statement of Solidarity Against Systemic State Abandonment

NCPAG SC 2011-2012 Official Statement of Solidarity Against Systemic State Abandonment

In the heat of UP striking back together with other State Universities and Colleges, the Student Council of the NCPAG Student Government joins the call for greater state subsidy. We are one in solidarity with the demand against systemic state abandonment of education and other social services.

The NCPAG Student Council, however, must clarify our non-usage of the term "budget cut" as to comply with proper terminologies discussed in the field of Public Administration, as the term budget is associated with the already formally legislated appropriations as opposed to what is commonly referred to budget proposal.

Despite this difference in semantics, we still stand among appalled students as we express our dismay against the blatant lack of importance that the Aquino administration is giving the education sector.

The NCPAG Student Council believes that investing in education is tantamount to investing in human capital development. The government has no excuse to not subsidize education, especially the State Universities and Colleges, when there are various way to realign the budget to augment the one for budget for it to meet the internationally recommended standards.

The proposed 2012 budget accounts for only 3.17% of our GNP, just a little over half of UNESCO's recommended 6%. As such, the NCPAG Student Council also supports the call for the legislation of the automatic appropriation of six percent of the country's GNP to the education budget.

We, iskolars and aktibistas of the nation, stand in solidarity as we demand for our right to greater state subsidy.


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