Friday, September 16, 2011

Letter from the Student Regent: Invitation for all professors to strike!

16 September 2011


Dear professor,

Next week is strike week, the highlight of this season’s campaign for greater state subsidy. Our unities are now beyond opposition to this year’s P800 million UP budget cut. Through sharp analysis, we have interwoven the many concerns of state college and universities and the school sector and now stand against the chronic education crisis.

In response, student councils and organizations, multisectoral alliances Kilos Na Laban sa Budget Cut and Ugnayan ng Mamamayan Para sa Karapatan sa Edukasyon (Umaksyon) across the UP system have agreed to conduct alternative activities and massive mobilizations to heighten the atmosphere of protest in the university. We will strike with utmost vigor especially on Wednesday, the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law. We invite you to participate in the following activities:

Tuesday, 20 September
 9-12 NN – forum on the budget with Chancellor Saloma and system officials

Wednesday, 21 September
AM – college walkouts and programs
1130 AM – march along acad oval and declaration of strike
PM – common program at AS steps
6-8PM – interactive fashion show
8-11PM – film showing and cultural night        

Thursday, 22 September
AM - Alternative classes (AKLAS) at AS
1-5PM – station of the cuts, per sector situationer
6-11pm – retro night “Walastik, dehins sa cuts repapapips”    

Friday, 23 September
7AM – almusalang bayan
9 AM – march to Mendiola

Tuesday, 20 September
Teach-ins, educational discussions       

Wednesday, 21 September
3PM – dodgeball event against budget cut        

Thursday, 22 September
AM – solidarity program
LUNCH – common program at PGH; boodle fight
PM – film showing; cultural night with smores bonfire             

Friday, 23 September
AM – morning exercises; solidarity program
10AM – march to Mendiola

Tuesday, 20 September
10 AM – Forum on budget hearings with Rep. Mong Palatino  

Wednesday, 21 September
Discussion groups on UP, education and youth situation           

Thursday, 22 September
6-9 PM – “Camp  fire”, a culminating activity of different sectors         

Friday, 23 September
Black shirt day
AM – ecumenical service, org activities
LUNCH – boodle fight
PM – march against the cuts

Los Banos         
Tuesday, 20 September
Visual, cyber and verbal prop 

Wednesday, 21 September
Black shirt day
AM – mob on Martial Law anniversary              

Thursday, 22 September
AM – prop action
PM – film showing; videos on the budget cut to be aired during class days            

Friday, 23 September
Solidarity program

Visayas (Iloilo and Miag-ao)                                    
Thursday, 22 September
10 AM – All-Panay SUCs student leaders press conference       

Friday, 23 September
Black shirt day
PM –big protest in Iloilo City with other schools

Wednesday, 21 September
PM – multisectoral mobilization at city proper                             

Friday, 23 September
PM – consultation with President Pascual
5 PM – Candlelighting

Thursday, 22 September
Cultural activities at the atrium
LUNCH – solidarity program             

Tentative schedules subject to adjustment.

May we note two shared activities where we specially need your help:
1)     Black or no to budget cut shirt days – We call on all sectors to display personal solidarity. Free t-shirt printing is available in Diliman, Manila and Los Banos; please bring your own shirts. Some organizations are also distributing merchandise at cost.
2)     Teach-ins, alternative class discussion – We hope to gather as many students as possible in the spirit of community teaching, and in search for holistic and responsive learning.
     a) Would you be amenable to sending your classes for alternative lectures? Kilos Na and Umaksyon teams would be glad to take them on.
     b) Could you bear the inconvenience of relocating your classes outside? We encourage all professors to conduct regular classes in the common areas if feasible (AS in Diliman, Los Banos and Manila, main lobby in Baguio).
Please do not hesitate to initiate your own actions to complement this schedule, to reach the widest audience for our campaign. In the midst of this crisis, we hope to be part of the solution by pursuing an education that is truly democratic, scientific, and geared towards serving the nation.

In solidarity and with thanks,

Maria Kristina Conti
Student Regent

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