Friday, September 9, 2011

Directory of the 15th Congress: Dear Readers please help us update this!

Editor's note: With the looming budget cut of the University of the Philippines System and other State Universities and Colleges, we are encouraging all of our readers to write all the Senators and Congressmen they know to restore U.P.'s and other SUCs budgets to their optimal levels. We have posted the directory of the Senate here. Unfortunately, in the case of the 15th Congress, there is not a lot of transparency, and we have only managed to piece together a partial list of Congressmen from primary, secondary and tertiary sources, because the House of Representatives secretariat itself has thrown a massive cordon sanitaire between the representatives and the people they represent by making their contact details (by email in particular) unavailable to members of the public.

Troubled with the thought of such a lack of transparency, we went to sleep over the problem and we woke up this morning with the bright idea of asking our readers to help us in this massive quest!

We would like to ask our readers to help us out in producing this definitive guide which is of great use to individuals, NGOs, people's organizations, foundations, etcetera to email their congressmen and women about SUCs budget cuts, the RH bill and other pressing matters.

The Diliman Diary has posted a Google link, which allows readers to edit the information by posting the names and contact details of the congessmen and women they know. If you have any contacts please go to the link and you will be able to edit the information. This is an incredibly precious resource for members of the public, so please help us out with this. You won't regret it!

Here is the link:

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