Sunday, March 7, 2010

Diliman Video of the Week: "Sunlight & Stations" (A Short Film)


Synopsis from the producers:

Video Editing by Royce Opinion and Kia Opinion. This short film/video is a mash-up of two poems discussed (and, I guess, I sort of "fell in love with") in my Literature 14 class: Something About Sunlight by Marnes Kilates and In a Station of the Metro by Ezra Pound -- with an additional twist.

I took most of the shots in Ateneo, along Katipunan Avenue, and in the LRT station. My brother (who did most of the editing) and I started tweaking and stitching all the clips together at 1 o'clock in the morning -- 9 hours before deadline! It took us 8 hours to finish everything because his computer kept crashing (my laptop could contribute quite little, really). I almost had a tiny embolism.

We could have added more transitions yadda yadda. However, all things considered, I wouldn't change a thing. Allow me to be cheeky and say: I'm absolutely proud of it!

Cheers, Manong! (You big fat lifesaver *high five*)


Trivia: Nearly all of the tracks in the music "score" is from the soundtrack of the movie (one of my ultimate faves) "Wristcutters: A Love Story."

From the Editors of the Diliman Diary:

Have a video to share? Do you think it's a candidate for the Diliman Diary video of the week? Send us your YouTube or other video link for our evaluation and judgement. The theme must either be about the Dilliman to Katipunan area or so universal that it would appeal to those from that area and beyond. Send all entries to: Attention: The Editor

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