Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Status Update on the Case of Miss Lordei Hina (as of February 29)

Released by the Office of the Chancellor of UP Diliman, 29 February 2012

Health Situation

  • After being in the ICU of Capitol Medical Center for almost 10 days (since 1 February), Lordei was transferred to a private room but is still being closely monitored by a medical team.
  • She is being taken care of by a team of six (6) specialists: A neurosurgeon, neurologist, internal medicine specialist, ophthalmologist, heart specialist and a physical therapist.
  • A fourth CT scan conducted last 17 February showed the presence of fluid in her brain that must have given her fever/infection. Last 18 February, she underwent brain surgery to arrest the spread/worsening of infection in her brain. The surgery was successful - the fluid in her brain was removed together with bone fragments and remains of a sharp object that was embedded in her brain.
  • Lordei has shown remarkable progress in her physical recovery given the serious injuries that received. Her doctors are greatly encouraged by her good recovery rate. She is now able to see, recognize her family and friends, move her right hand/fingers and sit on a wheelchair. She is currently undergoing physical therapy. However, she could not yet speak. 
  • She is constantly attended to by her loving mother and family as well as by her many friends from UP Diliman. The OVCSA is closely monitoring the status of Lordei.
Legal Case Against Lordei’s Assailants

  • One of Lordei’s assailants was caught immediately by the UP Diliman security personnel led by the UP Diliman Police. He has been in the custody of the Quezon City Police since 1 February 2012. The other suspect remains at large.
  • After the inquest conducted by the Asst. City Prosecutor, based on the partial medical certificate then available, the suspect was charged last February 3 with only the crime of Robbery as defined under Article 294, Par 4 of the Revised Penal Code (Robbery with unnecessary violence or intimidation), instead of Robbery with Frustrated Homicide.
  • A case conference was called by the OVCSA on 10 February 2012 to deliberate on the details of the legal case that was filed against suspects. Among those present were: Atty.Ma. Luz Raval (UP Diliman Legal Office), Atty. Victoriano Hipe (DLO), Atty. Allan Maximilian Roxas (DLO), Major Bernie Baltazar (UPDP), Representative from QCPD, Mrs. Conception Hina (Lordei’s mother), Dr. Rommel Rodriquez (OVCSA-OSADirector and VCSA Ma. Corazon J. Tan. The DLO is taking the lead as Lordie’s private prosecutors and UP would provide possible financial, legal and moral support to Lordie and the Hina family.
  • On 21 February, the DLO filed on a motion to allow reinvestigation and to defer arraignment which was initially scheduled on 1 March. The DLO motion argues that the extent of Lordie’s injuries indicate a clear intent to kill, as evidenced by an updated Medical Record. The motion filed seeks a re-evaluation of the case and to upgrade the charge to robbery with frustrated homicide.
  • The DLO has informed the OVCSA that it is still awaiting for the official reply from the handling Prosecutor to its motion for reinvestigation.
Search for the 2nd Assailant
  • The other suspect remains at large. The UP Diliman Taskforce Lordei Hina is appealing to the Quezon City Police during the Case conference held in February 10 to actively pursue/conduct a ‘manhunt’ to capture the other suspect and bring him to justice.
  • Major Baltazar of UPDP suggested that UP elevate this appeal/request to the Philippine National Police (PNP). He suggested for the UP Administration to officially write and/or set a meeting with the PNP to discuss the active pursuit of the other suspect.
Provision of Financial Support

  • The initial cost (PhP380,071.18) of Lordei’s hospitalization at the Capital Medical Center is being shouldered by UP Diliman.
  • Students, faculty members and employees are initiating their own fundraising activities to help defray the costs of Lordei’s hospitalization and her other needs.
  • Mrs. Hina informed the OVCSA that a staff member of the Office of Vice-President Jejomar Binay visited Lordei on 24 February and mentioned that their office will shoulder all the hospitalization costs. UP is very grateful for this generous gesture of Vice-President Binay and is waiting for his official confirmation.
This Bulletin is prepared by Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, UP Diliman.

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