Monday, February 20, 2012

Of student leaders, Philippine politics and apathy (Diliman Diary Blog: 02.20.2012)

As the USC election approaches, UP Diliman students get exposed once again to a whirlwind of handshaking and room-to-room interruptions. University politics is as colorful as the almost carnival-like scene at the national level. However, student leaders inside UP Diliman are still more dignified compared to the lot of politicians the Philippines has even if a great number of these politicans graduated from UP Diliman.

The two biggest political parties inside the campus –STAND UP and KAISA are working very hard to make sure their candidates get as much exposure not only inside the university but also on social networking site Facebook. 

On the ground, students are not really excited about the upcoming elections and some do not really care about the GPOAs of student leaders. Apathy is in it seems. While others do not care, some just want to be left alone and concentrate on lessons. 

(Sigrid Salucop)

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