Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sororities, Fraternities Obsolete? Diliman Diary Blog: 02.16.2012

A student lights a candle as a protest
against fraternity violence. Photo via
After interviewing a few former sorority and fraternity presidents, I have come to learn that is it more difficult to get recruits these days compared to 5 years ago. In a recent survey done by the Diliman Diary, students no longer want to join a sorority or a fraternity because of fraternity violence and because they are getting the friendship and loyalty they need from their own set of friends and their organizations.

Sororities and fraternities used to be quite notorious in picking the best and the brightest recruits inside the University of the Philippines Diliman but today, as the statistical characteristics of the UP student population changes, the social mapping in the university is also changing.

Is this era the death of sororities and fraternities? Only time will tell.

(Sigrid Salucop)

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