Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doctor Love: Top 5 Things A Woman Should Never Do On A Date

by Sigrid Salucop

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So you think you’ve been in many a bad dates? Think again. More often than not, we always hear women whining about how bad their dates went and how insensitive their dates were but we usually do not hear anything from the other side of the spectrum. What ladies should remember is that men have opinions too and they do get turned off by certain things even if you are smoking hot. Here are the things you should never do on a date and should absolutely NOT do on a first date. Although some of these things can be forgiven, results may vary -depending of course on the man you are or will be dating.

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1.            1The Police Pick Up

         Do not get arrested, please. We all know some boys like bad girls but if you go ahead and start breaking shop windows in a drunken stupor, you might as well say bye-bye to the very few good men in this world.

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2.          2. Gassy Girl

          It is natural to fart, after all, we all need to let go of gas one way or the other but if you start farting the smelliest and the loudest fart one has ever “experienced” you can be sure that your date will never call you in the morning. Nope, he won’t call in the afternoon either. He won’t ever call. Full stop. If you have this tendency to emit gas all the time, you might as well try to eat something that will not lead to an upset stomach. Steering clear of Mexican or Indian food is a bright idea.

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3.          3.  Rumble in the Jungle
            Although Love in the Time of Cholera is sexy and depicts the ardor of a man who loves a woman, a bit of colon cleansing during a date is definitely a big no-no. If you still went through the Mexican or Indian food experience, you might as well slap yourself especially if you are one of the gassy ones. You should also expect to spend the whole night in the toilet. These things do happen and your date will be sorry for you but he probably won’t give you a call in the morning unless he found your bout of diarrhea adorable.

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4.         4. Make Up Monster 
           Lay off the foundation. If you can’t get out of the house without wearing make up, make sure that the make up isn’t thick enough to last for days. Some men have figured this whole routine out because in the morning, the girl they went out with the night before usually looks like a different person. So yes, in this shallow little world of ours, it sometimes pays to not alter your face through the fine art of make up application.

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5.         5.  Spell W-H-O-R-E 
          There is a fine line between being sexy and completely whore-ish. Don’t get me wrong though, some men like the latter kind but to avoid the stink eye and to avoid getting asked, “How much?” use a dress that does not reveal too much. Some may tell you to ditch those F-me pumps too but here’s the deal, if you can make sky high heels look classy and not trashy, then go ahead and wear them. This rule applies to dresses as well.

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  1. "...unless he found your bout of diarrhea adorable. "
    WAHAHAHHAHAHHA! Suddenly hoping to meet someone who would actually feel that way! :))

    Wildly entertaining, yet still sensible! Thank you for the tips! =D

  2. Well written! I'll keep these 5 rules in mind. (wink,wink)

  3. shewhocannotbenamedNovember 6, 2011 at 12:30 PM

    But I can still be a total bitch during the date and still end up being the one dumping his sorry ass, can't I? LOL! Women--we are so privileged. I love it. :))


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