Monday, November 28, 2011

UP Website Stuck In The 90s?

A recent tweet about the UP website says that the said website is stuck in the 90s. Considering the many graphic artists and computer science experts that the university can tap, it seems that the official website for the university did not go through any changes in the past few years. Sad as it may be, this is something that the university may not be paying much attention to aside of course when they have to post articles for their readers, or disseminate information to UP students and the faculty.

A former UP student said that the website is not really that important when it comes to marketing the Philippines’ premiere university within the country but that the website may need to be improved for the benefit of those who do not know what UP is all about. He further said that the website’s mediocrity in terms of its design is affecting its popularity in the online community.

Although UP has a lot of problems to face, its website may need to go through a major makeover to make it more appealing to students in the university.

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