Monday, December 13, 2010 Look Ma, no principles!

"In its latest tirade against UP Diliman University Student Council Chairperson Sindayen (published in today’s issue of the Phil. Daily Inquirer in the LTTE section), a certain political minority faction in UP Diliman has claimed that there is a ‘shadow of doubt’ plaguing him due to his ‘academic delinquency’."

"However, Sindayen and former Student Regent Co, as two of the most active conveners of the UP Kilos na Laban sa Budget Cut alliance, were able to convince thousands of Diliman students, faculty, and employees (as well as thousands more in other schools) to join the historic strikes last November. Who is questioning Sindayen’s (and Co’s) legitimacy? Certainly not the thousands of strikers. Certainly not the 100 youth organizations and campus institutions of Kilos Na which welcomed them (him and Co) into their fold. Certainly not the seven Diliman deans who endorsed the strike. Certainly not our new UP President Fred Pascual. Only one faction in the entire Campus did: and they keep on insisting that their handful represents the entire Diliman community."

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