Monday, December 20, 2010

The 3rd Eye on the Social Media: Facebookers comment on U.P. President-elect Alfredo E. Pascual's Vision for Leading U.P.

Excerpts from the Facebook Page of: "Messages to New UP President Alfredo E. Pascual."
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Abe Agulto: Can you please post in this platform his agenda for his term? Just want to know what to expect. Hope this request comes through.
Friday at 10:34pm
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Chanda R. Shahani: Hello there this may not yet be the implementing details many are interested in, but at least here's his vision for U.P. as per the U.P. website when he was still a nominee:
23 hours ago

Abe Agulto: Thanks. The roadmap the new president mentioned should be publicized and adopted by all sectors of the UP community. Can we see this soonest?
13 hours ago

Romeo Santos: I suggest that the Roadmap for Development (the Proposed 10-Year Development Plan) come with a built-in monitoring and evaluation framework (M&E), designed to determine its performance during and after implementation. It will serve as a management tool that will guide in achieving the set Goal and Objectives of the plan -showing whether implementation is failing or succeeding based on empirical evidence measured from results and not just from outputs. Without this mechanism in place, the business of governance will be kind of ‘guessing game’ and management -a day-to-day survival. The M&E shall be part of the policy/plan formulation at the very early stage. In fact, it should be a major building block in establishing the Goal (Vision), Objectives and desired Results of the Roadmap vis’ a vis the new UP Charter.

At this moment, the President must be working terribly hard to put in place the promised development roadmap -in time for his taking on the helm of the University in February 2011. His constituents could only wait with enthusiasm in seeing how this Plan will come about -in substance, form, and details. If this 10-Year Development Plan comes out, not with shallow details but, a definite and decisive blueprint identifying in specific terms what targets, what actions, and what results are expected, then, that is the only time we can say that a “clear road map is firmly in hand” to begin with.

We could only hope that the Roadmap will not be the typical, ambiguous, motherhood-statement type of plan that characterized the development initiatives of many administrations in the past.
12 hours ago

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