Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Frog seller in UP Diliman dies, online search for long-lost daughter ensues

Oscar Reyes known to many students in UP Diliman as Mang Oca passed away on June 22, 2012. Mang Oca used to sell frogs and cockroaches to Biology students inside the campus and have been a part, albeit a small part,  of many of these students' lives. 

Students who aren’t from the Biology department will remember an amusing sign with the word Frogs near Pav 4 as Mang Oca’s ad for his frog-selling business. Little did his buyers know, Mang Oca has quite a sad story to tell and the sadder part is, this story only came to light after his death.

According to a post on social networking site Facebook shared by Lioneil Dela Cruz, when  Mang Oca was younger he married a woman named Rowena. He and Rowena had a child together but since their parents did not approve of the marriage, the two separated. Little is known about Rowena and her daughter’s whereabouts but according to Mang Oca’s close friends, they could be living in or around Zamboanga.

Mang Oca’s daughter should be about 30 years old by now, according to Dela Cruz’s FB post.

A number of UP students and UP grads shared Dela Cruz's post on their Facebook walls in hopes of finding Oca's daughter. 

Mang Oca's remains are currently at 165 Fatima Street, Pook Dagohoy, UP Diliman. 

For more information, you can call Lioneil Dela Cruz at 09178093863 or (02) 433 8365.

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