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Doctor Love: The Quest For Mr. Right, Defining Mr. Wrong

by Sigrid Salucop

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Apparently the quest for Mr. Right is now a joke because nobody wants a guy who is always right. That however may have come from some cheesy anecdote from one of those chick flicks and will later on not contribute anything to this article. 

Mr. Wrong Mary J. Blige ft. Drake

The main reason I am stalling is to try and avoid telling the ladies that there might not be a Mr. Right so don’t get your hopes up. I could be wrong though. IMHO I think I may have already been proven wrong. Does Mr. Right exist? Sorry skeptics but I think he does. Unfortunately I just wasn’t Ms. Right. It seems that these things are a matter of perspective so there can’t be one formula we can follow to find Mr. Right, love after all was never meant to be mathematical no matter how many of us would love for it to be.

Mr. Wrong (1996) starring Ellen Degeneres

How do you find Mr. Right? You can find him in the most unlikely places –a street corner somewhere hopefully not selling drugs unless you are into that type, your favorite restaurant, the pet shop, he could be anywhere. In fact, he could be that guy sitting right in front of you. He could be the butcher you always see on Sundays when you do your groceries. It could be your seatmate in chemistry class or for the more adventurous, your physics teacher.

Mr. Right - A Rocket To The Moon

The quest for Mr. Right is a treacherous journey but to get to Mr. Right, you must avoid Mr. Wrong i.e. your ex-boyfriends or a person pretty much similar to those ex-boyfriends. The secret to finding this rather elusive person is to break away from your pattern. Apply a bit of statistics and you might (you just might) increase the probability of you meeting Mr. Right. The keyword here is “meeting” not marrying, no happy endings –don’t expect that because a Mr. Right could also become Mr. Wrong in the long run. Now that makes things more complicated and that makes the use of basic statistics useless. However, there is that window where everything goes right and there is a happy ending. Yay to Cinderella right there.

Mr. Right - Mickey Avalon

Now back to the pattern, if you only date certain types of men for example, it may be high time to go on a blind date. No one is saying that a fat, bald guy is nicer than the good looking ones –that is not true because sometimes they are even more annoying. In fact, in the Philippines, the ones we call fugly are the ones who usually have the nerve to cheat on us to compensate for their shortcomings contrary to the western opinion that an attractive man is more likely to cheat than the average-looking guy. This means that you should not lower your expectations but please try to open your eyes to certain possibilities.

The Right Man -Christina Aguilera

What is the chemical structure of Mr. Wrong? Again, there is no one formula but every girl has a unique formula of who Mr. Wrong is. One has to remember however that what you can offer is also directly proportional to the quality of the man you will end up spending your whole life with. Now this makes me wonder what Wallis Simpson had to offer the King.

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  1. How come you weren't Ms. Right, you're such a babe. Woot!

  2. hi miss. this somehow different from others but there should be one about ms right and ms wrong. women cheat too and some are fat and ugly and STILL cheat. man it's difficult to find a good woman these days.

    saw a photo of you, you are beautiful. if you can cook, bake and give a massage you are defo ms. right. my very own formula plus beauty and brains which you seem to already have.

  3. @MR RIGHT I may need a few insights from men on what they hate most about ms. wrong. The formula would be different for every person of course but doing a survey would give us a general idea.

  4. It is interesting to note that we get too many silly articles of this sort that assumes there is a common definition of Mr. Right, and why the premise is always Ms Right looking for Mr. Right. I long to see an article to understand the fact that "Miss Not-so-right" or even "Miss Wrong" is looking for someone "compatible" or "complementary" rather than always expecting someone to match their supposed highest quality standards and answer to their every whim and dream. Time to wake up!

    And the fact of the matter is... there are many Mr. Rights but almost none of them are available (with the exception of those widowed). Why? Very simple. Men are not born right, and nowhere close to it. And none of them ever reach the "right" level until they undergo special training. And that special training is called "marriage". And it takes time. So how can you find Mr. Right when they can only be Mr. Right after they have been "customized". So, short of stealing one who has already got years of training.... it is almost impossible. With that in the right perspective... and setting the right expectations... we would have avoided a lot of divorces and failed marriages. And yea... of course... it also includes the diplomatically correct "annulments" that is unique to Philippine society.

  5. don`t wear the shoe that does not fit you - sure you could change but than you would not be you anymore - the perception of Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong is all defined by WHO is looking at you. I might be a Mr. Right to some women but at the same time Mr. Wrong to others...

  6. Women are so demanding but I'd like to get your digits.

  7. Anonymous, Didn't you read the whole thing? She didn't define Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong did she?

  8. i think that if Ms Wrong looks like you i'd go for it, buy a ring too. what do you say? i will do the survey for you!!!! enslave me! Adrien, bug off.

    on a more scientific note we just smell pheromones doesnt matter if its mr wrong or mr right or mr lame-o as long as you like the smell. *sniffs* i dont like the smell of Adrien -he is Mr. Wrong

  9. Shut up Mr Righ you'll never be the man your mother is. If you were twice as smart you'd still be stupid.

  10. Adrien lets settle this elsewhere. i will meet you anywhere.

  11. Mr Right give me the day,time and place I'll beat you up anytime anywhere


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