Saturday, December 17, 2011

Parties at UP Diliman last night

Students and alumni who watched the Lantern Parade last night had a hard time contacting friends within the UP community. Attendees were warned the day before that there is a possibility of this happening between 5 pm to 8pm. By half past eight, hundreds already vacated the UP premises but a good number still stayed for their Open Tambayan and their fraternity, sorority or org meetings.

At noon yesterday, the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity did their yearly Oblation Run. Although this is usually done for a cause, to every UP student and alumni, it is a signal that the party has started.
The Pi Omicron Fraternity on the other hand also celebrated their 48th anniversary yesterday at their tambayan near the Lagoon.

The infamous Facebook group TUPDKK also hosted a party within Diliman last night.

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