Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goodbye Coffee…Hello SereniTea

By Marjorie Portia C. Dominguez

I thought it was a new spa place. Its name evoked clean sheets, lavender scents on pillow, shiatsu, incense etc.

Then only daughter says it’s serenity spelled as SereniTEA. I’m more of a coffee person so tea does not really interest me except when I read those articles that says it helps you lose weight. The losing weight part made me load up tea by the gallons.

Anyway, only daughter says it’s very good. I cant help but notice because only daughter texts me endlessly to go to Jupiter or Greenbelt ( when I’m in Makati) or she forces me to pass by their Katipunan branch if I have the misfortune to be in the car when the driver picks her up from UP.

She normally orders Hokkaido or winter melon whatever that is. So sorry but I can’t make head or tails of their menu so I leave it all to only daughter to order for me.

Only daughter loves SereniTea so much so that if I can’t buy her Hokkaido or winter melon milk tea for her she calls the darn place and have them deliver -hell’s bells that piqued my curiosity. WTH.. is in that tea that made only daughter addicted to it. Hmm, now I have to try it.

First of all, can I just say, from a mom’s perspective, it is NOT cheap. P105 for a big tumbler of brewed milk tea...what?!! But I was surprised and admittedly impressed by the long queues to this place. Young people mostly only daughter’s age or younger (sometimes with parents in tow) wait patiently for their turn to buy this expensive but “simple” tea.

But I digress. How was the experience of drinking my first SereniTea? Only daughter ordered Hokkaido (with pearls) for me which I found out was assam tea with butter-caramel-toffee flavor and 100% sugar.

My first sip? My first thought was I love the clean taste of the milk tea. The caramel-butter-toffee flavor was so subtle it was hardly discernible which I actually liked. Then my straw transported the pearls with the milk tea in my mouth and I was.....hooked. The pearls were soft and chewy and cuts through the monotony of just sipping milk tea which although refreshing tends to be dare I say ordinary without the pearls. My second simultaneous thought was I would love to try the other flavors

It goes without saying that only daughter was grinning from ear to ear having discovered a kindred spirit in her mom. Like a young Jedi (only daughter ) to her padawan (me), only daughter explained that I have to order chicken chops and hash browns next time.

Goodbye coffee....hello SereniTea


Marjorie Portia C. Dominguez is a BA Philosophy graduate of UP Diliman. She is married to Jose Amado M. Dominguez also a graduate of UP Diliman ( BS Industrial Engg). They are blessed with 4 kids two of whom are now in UP 

Check out Marjorie's food blog at www.facebook.com/foodfiend


  1. julius s. cruz-cruzalApril 4, 2012 at 11:25 AM

    love the article ...will definitely try Serenitea

  2. This is a very good read! It made me want to try SereniTEA! Will definitely do then! :-)

  3. love how you use "only daughter" :)
    yes i'm a fan of milk tea too, try different brands as well, like moonleaf, serendipitea (their dark chocolate is to die for), and zen tea! they all offer uniqueness in their brands....


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