Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FILIP + INNA owner promotes Philippine culture

Len Cabili, a Clothing Technology graduate from UP Diliman was interviewed by the GMA Network recently regarding her international clothing line FILIP + INNA. 

FILIP + INNA promotes Filipino culture inspired by Cabili’s experience with The Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company. 

Her love for Philippine traditions has drawn Len to making costumes with intricate patterns –some very tribal-looking –one of the characteristics that FILIP + INNA’s American following love about the brand.
During her interview, Cabili said that the people who buy the clothes she designs appreciate how much time it takes for these handmade clothes to become the finished products they see at FILIP + INNA. 

Cabili’s designs range from $140 to over $750.  (Photo via FILIP + INNA)

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