Friday, January 6, 2012

Diliman Diary Blog: 12.06.2012

Social networking has given power to many internet users in terms of voicing their opinions. It has made a lot of things possible –getting a certain number of signatures for petitions became faster and people no longer had to directly spend money to communicate to anyone thanks to private messaging capabilities of social networking sites.

Although this freedom is being enjoyed completely in other parts of the world, in some countries, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are banned. We could say we are lucky really but just yesterday, in a country where mass media has so much freedom, a friend of mine was blocked by the news channel ANC just because he said the news they posted is irrelevant. He added in his comment however that this is hardly surprising because ANC is a corporate-owned news outlet and that it is only interested in getting ads in or sponsors and not necessarily give importance to news itself.

It seems that the media in the Philippines specifically ABS-CBN has a tendency to feed crap to the masses and also have the audacity to not broadcast news that would hurt their interests.

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