Monday, January 30, 2012

Diliman Diary Blog: 01.30.2012 (UP No Longer Leftist)

The atmosphere inside UP Diliman has changed over the past few years. Since the tuition fee increase, it has been observed that membership in leftist organizations has dwindled. The political atmosphere is unlike before and the new breed is now accused by the leftist to be lax and apathetic.

It seems however that the former “activists” in UP Diliman should learn one thing from the current students inside UP Diliman. We should all learn that there are different forms of activism and hitting the streets with red banners is not the only way to fight the system or to fight something (not necessarily the system). Not going to a rally doesn’t make any UP student less of an Isko or Iska because a real Iskolar ng Bayan should be presenting solutions to a problem and not make things worse. (Photo via

(Sigrid Salucop)

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  1. If there's actually one thing good about the ToFi, it's the fact that less and less people are getting suckered into these activist organizations. You're right, not going to a rally doesn't make one less of an Isko/Iska, it makes them MORE of one--a TRUE iskolar ng bayan--because they're not wasting government resources by not walking out on classes and rallying while their classes have already been paid by taxpayers' money.


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