Monday, April 12, 2010

EYE SPY on the Social Media: Katrina Stuart Santiago on Manny Pangilinan's plagiarized commencement address and why ADMU should accept his resignation

The Ateneo de Manila University ( ADMU) Board of Trustees (BOT) needs to finalize the example set by ADMU's BOT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan who tendered his resignation after he was caught plagiarizing portions of his commencement address at ADMU last month. The BOT needs to accept the resignation ASAP for the sake of the school's integrity, and to set the message that plagiarism is very uncool, and cannot be shrugged or laughed off. This point is hammered home eloquently by former Diliman Diary (print edition) editor Katrina Stuart Santiago in her blog post, "Why Sorry Ain't Enough," at Santiago, a U.P. Diliman graduate, taught at the ADMU English department and her comments are exactly what she used to tell her students. Check it out at:’t-enough/

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