Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Fight For Birth Control

Manila, Philippines – Although the Philippines is a relatively modern nation in terms of its views, the country in the past few weeks has been experiencing a long-drawn debate on a controversial issue that is the Reproductive Health Bill.

In the midst of the monsoon that lasted almost two weeks last August,  Filipinos against the passing of the bill started posting on social networking site Facebook that “God’s wrath has befallen the country” even if the monsoon did not affect other parts of the Philippines.

Father Melvin Castro, the Executive Secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life said, “Preventing fertilization is not a surgical but a chemical or medical abortion.” Castro also said that the government is dipping its toes in a territory beyond its authority and that it is “legislating an immoral law”.

Cecilia Lopez, a 52-year-old mother of 12 and a regular church-goer said in an interview with CNN that she does not agree with Castro. “When you use them, it’s not like you’ve sided with evil,” she added.

Philippine politics has suffered for decades because of the moral influence of the Catholic Church both on politicians and voters.

Solita Monsod stated, “Legislators are called on regularly by bishops, one by one, and some priests visit legislators in their districts, to convince them to drop support or strengthen their opposition to the bill.”

Photo: Women On The Road

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