Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If Shoes Could Cry

A BBC report said that Imelda Marcos’ famed shoes –at least the ones that she left when she and her dictator husband hurriedly left the Philippines- are now ruined. Now a congresswoman, the former Philippine First Lady whose ostentatious extravagance resulted to the coinage of the word Imeldific, was not available to comment on the matter.

Termites, a series of typhoons, neglect and possibly hatred for the Marcoses resulted to damaged shoes, bags, and apparel. The late dictator’s formal native wear were also seen covered in mold for being stored in the Philippine capital’s National Museum without protection.
The former First Lady and her husband left staggering amounts of personal belongings says the BBC report and this includes a total of 1, 220 pairs of shoes.

It is interesting to note that Imelda Marcos donated a pair of shoes in a New York auction before and it fetched $10, 000 –something that Philippine officials should have kept in mind when they took Imelda’s shoes for “safekeeping”.

Over a hundred cartons of clothes, shoes, and accessories were transferred to the museum when they started showing signs of damage while in Malacañang during democracy icon Cory Aquino’s administration. They deteriorated further after being kept in an abandoned hall of the museum.

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