Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swiss time running out for Sotto because of plagiarized speech

Sen. Tito Sotto’s anti-RH bill speech has been making its rounds on social networking sites recently because the actor-turned-politician copied a blog entry to defend his anti-RH stand. Some Filipinos active on Facebook are saying that Sotto should resign for shamelessly copying a blog post word per word and even had the audacity to deliver it as a speech he knows will be shown on national TV.

Just this year, Hungarian President Pal Schmitt resigned because of plagiarism accusations. It has been reported that much of his dissertation back in the 70s was copy pasted.

A similar case happened in Germany a year earlier when its Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg was stripped off his doctorate degree amidst a plagiarism scandal. 

Guttenberg held a rock star status in Germany that whenever the baron took to the stage, AC/DC songs would be played.On his farewell party, the audience could not help but laugh when Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” was played.

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  1. I'm willing to bet Sotto will just buckle up his thick face and wait for things to quiet down. No way he is going to resign. If he had an iota of shame, this game show host should have not become a senator in the first place. This man does not have the skill set or the intelligence to be a part of the Senate.