Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Official Statement of the Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante University of the Philippines Cebu College

Official Statement of the Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante University of the Philippines Cebu College (courtesy of U.P. Kilos Na)
The last month of the academic year saw the UP Cebu constituents rising up to challenge the Avila administration for the abandonment of democracy in our beloved UP Cebu. Realizing his insolence has gone overboard, hundreds of the UP Cebu constituents marched outside their rooms and offices for a strike, a new and impressive record in the history of UP Cebu. This is the epic triumph of all Iskolar, Guro and Kawani ng Bayan who responded to the clarion call of the times, heeding the need to defend our most basic of civil liberties.

However, our success is not yet the end of our struggle. As the academic year drew to a close, the internal conflict within UP Cebu remains sharper than ever, manifesting in a crisis that directly affects our unity.

The month of April saw another level of the dictatorial and fascist dean’s way to undermine our united stance against his leadership. As a libel case is filed against the nine signatories of the formal complaint we have passed to the board of regents and to the university president and to another faculty member who has tried to expose and heighten the understanding of the public about the issue, we stand witness to another of Avila’s malicious and tyrannical schemes to protect his welfare and self-vested interests.

In all these, the Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante was a critical participant in the shaping of the different issues leading to this crisis. Thus, the organization remains solidly behind the ten UP Cebu constituents, facing a libel case filed by the abominable and despotic Avila. For in a time of conflict, where opposing ideas contend to determine the order of society, it is all the more crucial to stand for the voiceless and marginalized. This is why, in the age old existence of the university, UP has stood as a stronghold of activism.

Today, battles continue to be fought. The ferocity of these struggles reflects upon the outcome of the issues we continue to purge. As past events demonstrate, only the collective action of students can counter the regime’s systematic attempts to abandon the education sector at the behest of commercial and corporate interests. Let us summon, therefore, the spirit of collective indignation.

Let us amplify our fight against our dictator dean and his cohorts. Let us expose and end the patent character of cronyism in Avila’s administration, and instead insist that good governance and representation be present in the university.

On this historic platform, we will not be silent or passive.

History tells the story of a great struggle for democratic rights. That struggle is alive and well today, in each of the thousands of youths who will stand for justice, freedom, and ultimately, real and encompassing democracy.

Defend the UP Cebu ten!

UPHOLD the Democracy and Good Governance inside the University of the Philippines!
UPHOLD the Rights and Welfare of the UP Cebu Community!
UPHOLD the Students’ Right to Representation!

OPPOSE the vicious stances of the Dictator Dean!




Join the Mobilization on April 27.
Graduation Protest at UP Cebu.

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