Saturday, February 5, 2011

Diliman Videos of the Week: U.P. Mindanao Students Rage Against the Distorted Priorities of Outgoing Roman Administration

Editor's note: The following is a series of videos taken yesterday by the U.P. Mindanao University Student Council over policies of the Outgoing Administration of U.P. President Emerlinda R. Roman as well as those of U.P. Mindanao Chancellor Gilda C. Rivero.

To see Videos No. 5 to 7, please click on this link:

Video No. 1 begins with Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa UP (KASAMA sa UP) Vice Chairperson for Mindanao Krista Melgarejo sweetly asking security guards and officials if she and fellow students can be let inside the building where the February 4, 2011 testimonial ceremony for President Roman, hosted by Chancellor Rivero is going on. The request is denied by an official, who says the students may be let in if they return in formal attire.

Videos 2 and 3 represent the interregnum before the crescendo of grief, outrage and anger manifested in Video 4, as the students ultimately erupt in protest and rage against the distorted educational and financial priorities of the Outgoing Roman Administration who seem to regard the PhP 100,000.00 spent for the testimonial ceremony as mere loose change, even as U.P. faces a massive budget deficit in 2011. The students are also protesting the formula of the Roman administration which is to raise tuition fees and commercialize many aspects of the university, even as they have no compunction in freely spending U.P.'s already shrunken 2011 budget over unimportant and inessential matters (such as testimonial ceremonies) when the students themselves have inadequate laboratory equipment, and are facing other deprivations.

Video No. 1

Video No. 2

Video No. 3

Video No. 4

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  1. the roman empire is over, time to rage against the new one......


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