Monday, June 14, 2010

Ambito: A Filipino independent hip-hop artist.

The Diliman Diary has received the following letter from Ambito, an independent hip-hop artist which we are uploading here:

"Sir / Madam,

My name is AMBITO and I am an independent artist working hard to make a name for myself. I am contacting you today to ask for a simple proposal. I was just wondering if you could check out these tracks of mine. I know that my music has the potential to be a hit if given the chance. These tracks are both in English, diverse, and are catchy. I hope you can add these songs to your everyday PLAYLIST. Sir / Madam, I just really need the break and radio air-play. I'm just a simple man with a simple plan of getting my music on the radio. I hope you understand. I have added some of my information below.



AMBITO a.k.a. A-M-B-I-T-O established Flips of Fame Records in 2005 as an independent record label and continues to promote Filipino talent today. As an artist, producer, composer, and promoter, AMBITO has released a number of singles, mix tapes, and an album over the last five years, namely, "Get Flipped" by AMBITO in 2005, "Legendary Legacy" the album by AMBITO in 2006 (Available in all Music One stores and World Wide), "F.O.F. Show Mix tape and Ako Ay Pilipino Mix tape" in 2007 and "AMBITO's Ultimate Mix tape in 2009. AMBITO participated in various events within the Hip-Hop community and beyond to constantly aid in promoting Philippine Hip-Hop. AMBITO has been actively collaborating with other independent labels within the Philippine Hip-Hop Community and has been promoting all aspects of Philippine Hip-Hop in a large scale manner. Slowly but surely, AMBITO has been garnering a lot of respect within the Hip-Hop community because of his non-stop efforts of promoting Philippine Hip-Hop."

Here's "I'll never let you go" (Just click on the embedded player):

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Here's "Sikat" (Just click on the embedded player):

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