Sunday, May 2, 2010

Health and Wellness: How to Minimize the probability of getting adult-onset Diabetes

By Kathryn Sunga

One of the leading health problems in the Philippines is diabetes. Today it is indeed a growing problem due to unhealthy lifestyle that people have. Diabetes choose no one, whether you’re young or old you are susceptible of getting onset diabetes. Yes, we all know that sweet food such as, chocolate, candies, cake and such are truly hard to ignore, but with discipline and control you can definitely do it.

Diabetes is an illness where your blood sugar level is high, it is because your system cannot produce the right amount of insulin or sometimes the body cells itself can't respond properly to the produced insulin. Insulin is usually a hormone which is being produced by the pancreas for the body cells to absorb the glucose which eventually acts as the body's energy. Other complications may occur such as, nerve and vascular complications, because when the glucose is not properly absorbed by the body cells, the blood is the one who accumulates the glucose.

There are a lot of ways on how you can minimize the probability of getting adult onset diabetes, here are a few:

Maintaining a healthy body and weight is one of the important things to remember if you want to avoid the risk of having onset diabetes. Always make sure that you height is in the healthy range of your health.

To help your body maintain the right level of blood sugar, you need to eat whole grains as these food contain sugars that are complex in the form of carbohydrates.

To avoid having dramatic changes in your blood sugar, you should definitely avoid flours that are processed and sugar.

To help you control your blood sugar, you should lessen your eating habits at one time and eat more throughout the day. Always make sure that you pay much attention to your meals' portion sizes.

Always make sure that you drink plenty of water. As you all know, water cleans out the body system which is definitely important to avoid having diabetes. Try having a glass of water throughout the day instead of sodas which are certainly not good for your health.

Remember to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy and thin body. Doing activities regularly will help you avoid developing diabetes in the future, and this will not only prevent diabetes but also gives a lot of health benefits.

Following these simple and easy ways on how to minimize the probability of getting adult onset diabetes is not as difficult as it may seem - right? All you need to have is self discipline and self control for you to live a healthier life.
(Kathryn Sunga is a freelance writer who covers technology, health and fashion)

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